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As a long-time MH fan: Alatreon is designed in the faith of the old Monster Hunter games, and nothing about Alatreon is “not MH”

MonsterHunterWorld6 - As a long-time MH fan: Alatreon is designed in the faith of the old Monster Hunter games, and nothing about Alatreon is "not MH"

Hey all, I'm a fan of MH since the release of MHP3rd on the PSP, where the end-boss was Alatreon, and I'm just gonna say that Capcom has far exceeded my expectations with the new Alatreon. I went in thinking I could cheese the monster with my Blast LS, but audibly said "wait they weren't kidding about the element thing" 7 minutes into the hunt. Keep in mind that I've only played a handful of previous MH games, namely MH2g (MHFU), MHP3rd, MHTri,iMH4U, and MHGU.

1. Forcing aggressive play

Every weapon (except wide GL playstyle) can beat the element check. The element check is not at all "impossible". There are videos of people doing it with kinsect, there are people destroying it with elemental GS. Hell, I'm an average player and even I got a double element KO on fire Hammer. All that's needed is a fire or ice weapon and just slot elemental damage up until it caps and just drop some defensive skills like divine blessing or stun resistance for aggressive ones like agitator or weakness exploit. I don't know why some people are so adamant about "it ruins my playstyle" when all they need to do is not pick blast (or status). If they aren't beating the element check, then it means they're either 1. playing too defensively, or 2. not using the right element at all. Escaton Judgement forces aggressively play which is inherently a good thing for MH. Monster Hunter has always encouraged high-risk high-reward playstyles with mechanics like animation locking and dunking (back when flash bombs were a pain to get). Time out was an actual threat for solo players in previous games, and players would have to go as aggressive as possible to ensure that they don't run out of time. but it became a non-issue in MHW because of dynamic health scaling and just stronger move sets in general. Escaton Judgement forces players would never learn to look for opportunities for attacks that they would have otherwise ignored.

2. Alatreon is difficult, Escaton Judgement isn't

There have been many responses along the lines of "Alatreon would be piss easy if he didn't have the element check". Yes, you're right, but not because the moves are easy to read, but because you will be hitting it less. So far, every single person whom I've cleared with carted from normal attacks, not the nuke. If someone is truly finding the element check harder than Alatreon himself while running an element, then it means that their build is way too forgiving and sacrifices too much damage for "easy mode", or that they're just straight up not putting themselves at risk. Ever since Alatreon's elemental weaknesses have been discovered, every single time I've failed was because I died to random attacks.


3. Theorycrafting and off-meta builds

Alatreon without Escaton judgement is going to get steamrolled. What do people think is going to happen with 4 sticky LBGs in the hunt? There hasn't been such an amount of build diversity in MHW, period. I've come across ~14 LS players within the first 12 hours of release, and every single one of them had completely different builds, and this the first time in MHW where I felt like each person had their unique way of approaching the challenge. The people theory-crafting in the discord and taking a break from the hunts to draft up new builds. We talked about what weapons to bring and what builds to use, sharing strategies like locking him into the same element, suggesting things like blight res 2 + coalescence, and discovering his elemental weaknesses. Is that not what a black dragon should be? Shouldn't it be something that a hunter takes pride in slaying and would then be eager to brag to everyone else and share their own tips? I remember the LAN party where my friends and I finally cleared White Fatalis and all cheered in harmony. There were no youtube videos back then on the definitive MHFU meta builds, and everyone had their own mixed sets based on the charms they had. Blast just makes the game… dull. It's rare to see people using cool weapons like the Zinogre long sword or Alatreon great sword because now we know that they aren't "good".

4. Damage checks have been in MH for a long time

Lastly, I just want to address the argument that been saying that DPS checks shouldn't exist in MH, because they do. Lao-shan lung is literally a walking DPS check. Jhen mohran is literally going to bash into your boat if you don't kill it in time. Both of these are tighter and Alatreon, and I'm sure for many veteran hunters that the first time getting a slay on Jhen Mohran instead of a repel is one of their highlights of the game.

TL;DR. Alatreon is perfect as he is. Everything about him has a place in Iceborne despite what people claim.

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