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AT Kirin is my favorite MP fight in MHW

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Might not be the most popular opinion, but hear me out.

AT Kirin not only forces you to prepare beforehand, but it forces you to learn (duh). Its lightning strikes are all telegraphed, they all have a pattern, and there are only so many instances where death is unavoidable. The fight makes you pay attention or suffer the quick consequences. The solo fight is pretty standard and doesn't bring up too many problems for a seasoned hunter either…..blah blah blah

Alright buckle up, fu*kers. Where the AT Kirin fight really shines is MP. There isn't another fight quite as chaotic, nerve-wracking, and frustratingly beautiful as this. If you're confident in your skills against Kirin, there's nothing to really worry about, right? Nah son, your teammate is convulsing on the ground better shoot some of that sweet, sweet powder or three in the air and pray to the unicorn gods that Kirin is merciful. What's that? Just employ a wide range support sns? Oh.. He just got one shot while paying too much attention to his teammates.. Oh you have kirin on the ropes? Well, he's back at his lair now, better tighten those big boy pants, otherwise you're in for a paddlin'.


Now is a great time to give the AT Kirin fight another chance. Anyone who is still doing it, for the most part, is pretty seasoned and knows what they're doing. The beauty in it, though, is that you're still in great danger, no matter how good you are. Take a moment mid fight to see just how much each of your teammates are struggling to survive. It was an awesome feeling that really brought back the old monster hunter frantic nostalgia (because i was bad).

TL;DR OP is a nostalgic, sadistic twat that had a lovely time MP-ing the AT Kirin fight after only soloing and wanted to bring some positivity to MP instead of the usual "randoms are bad" crap.

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