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MonsterHunterWorld8 - AT Nerg Tip Thread

Seeing so many people ask and getting a wide array of answers, I'm making this in hopes of providing some helpful tips for any AT Nerg hunters:

-Use the canteen, get the Insurance or Moxie if possible

-crystalburst has a good chance for a minor stagger on his retreat anywhere, a couple shots and he will come back for the fight

-Use the environment against him i.e. Crystal's, lava eruptions, Gajalaka (if around), etc.

-let the turf war happen, it will do more damage faster than you can, and also rid you of a 2nd AT

-50. Minutes. Take your time and pace it so you dont die too quickly

-paralysis and KO keep him out fairly well for some safe DPS

-he runs a 'cycle' starting in Area 8 and goes as followed: 8-9-12-11-7-8-9-15; if he doesnt follow it, you've worn him down to break the cycle and wrap up the quest

-NEW ATTACK 1: Tail spin; unlike his standard tail slam, he doesnt raise his tail and look back to slam it, he just slams it and swipes about 180+ a little, his entire tail will hurt you

-NEW ATTACK 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO; not really electric or a boogaloo, but rather a quick lunge slam, he can add this into any of his combos but whichever arm he slams with is safest to roll away from. Also it will shatter spikes and regrow them if he does this, beware that extra damage!

-try your best to keep some distance from certain attacks when he grows his spikes, not only is the damage higher, but they regrow immediately, so it's best to try and break them before it's an issue (if possible)

  • DIVE DIVE DIVE….it wont hurt to be safe than failing

-the more you hurt him, THE FASTER HE GETS

-not only does your gear matter, so does your Palico's, make them help you out where you lack like healing, buffs, or tossing grenades #PALICOGEARMATTERS

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-SOLO: you and your cat are good, but getting a random tail raider is better! Not only will Nerg attack them giving you more time, but it's slightly more dps at the cost of finding them

-you dont need to listen to the YouTubers guides (unless you want to, I'm only a wall of text) but fight a normal or Temp nerg if you experiment with your gear. Yes, it's not true to the AT, but his new moves can easily be evaded if caught early

-charms, seeds, powders, and drinks, OH MY: dont be stingy with crafting or using them, you are a god….now craft some buffs and dose up for a fight!

-take the time when he flees to treat yo'self (i.e. sharpen, heal, craft, etc)

-honey is your friend for those mega potions and first-aid+ (located outside camp 8 and off the ledge by 9)

-if grouped: wide range is everyone's friend, buff and heal whenever possible and safe, but also get your dps in as well

-for the brave dooters; try to buff before and after each encounter to keep them fresh so you can keep attacking

Any more I'll edit in with feedback. Hope these help!!

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