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AT Nergi: I have no words

MonsterHunterWorld1 - AT Nergi: I have no words

Man I thought Xeno was annoying this fight feels like a mid G Rank fight in high rank armor. Jesus was it a pain but with the power of the rocket powered great sword and fortify I cleared it on my second attempt in 28 minutes. The feeling of accomplishment for clearing this quest is honestly one of the greatest I have felt in this game, the first fight I felt excited and pumped after beating. Extreme behemoth felt like a chore to fight and most of the fight felt kind of BS and AT Xeno just had really gimmicky attacks that all one shot and felt really inconsistent unless you chain tripped him to death. AT Xeno was a good fight compared to other AT's, but it was just a very weird fight mostly because of the 30 minute timer almost forcing you to be super aggressive or risk carting to one shots and to just focus on DPS which led to this weird trend of clear times exponentially decreasing the more aggro you got similar to normal Nergi.

My Tips:

  1. Cutting his tail and breaking the spikes on his arms and wings is definitely a big factor key. Without hitting white spikes I was hitting 200-300 on TCS. With spikes I was averaging 850+ and usually breaking them and causing a trip. About half way thought the fight his tail came off and severely reduced the size of his tail swipes making the fight a lot safer when I was injured.
  2. I got 2 mounts off over the course of the fight and timed both of them for when Temporal was down to buy time for it to recharge while also letting me put out dps when I would normally be playing a lot safer.
  3. Don't drop the crystals in the main area unless you can land them and your temporal mantle is down. It will give you a huge amount of damage and time to put out damage to stall for Temporal.
  4. If the Gajalaka team spawns lure him over when he enter the area next to it when he rages. It adds a ton of damage and is yet another window to buy time for temporal and put out dps. It also sometimes pushes him into the next area with the volcano which can put some extra damage on Nergi to speed up the fight and will force him to go back through the original area if he retreats.
  5. During the Turf War with Teostra you should be able to put out some damage safely. I tended to be able to get in TCS and one more swipe before Nergi re-aggros you. I personally never got to see him fight Kushala and he never left his nest. I would assume its fairly similar to Teostra. Just damage him while he is doing it but just be ready to break the fight once he finished because he will probably be raged.
  6. Never panic his main dive bomb. By some miracle I lived through it about 2 times without blocking with like 5 hp in the first run. Just wait till he's about to do it then tap sprint and dive. Don't spam sprint. The number one way I died was accidentally double tapping sprint and rolling like an idiot. When in doubt always dive and if you get hit and are unsure of what Nergi is doing stay down as Nergi is really fast and waiting can buy you time to get up and reposition more safely.
  7. If Nergi is just trying to mini dive bomb you just rotate around him and watch his tail. I noticed that it has a small hitbox that favors the arm he uses to slam so if you just roll, right seems to be the safest and best way and left is seems to be really hard to time. The tell is basically whenever you seem him jump into the air and you are close to him as long as you haven't committed without reading him it's an easy dodge.
  8. Running a molotov cat seems to help a lot, but I noticed its very RNG whether or not it procs status effects on Nergi. Maybe run a blast cat for consistency as my sleep cat only sleeped him once in the 3 times I have hunted him. Also use mega bombs when he sleeps to get free damage and get your cat to also add some extra free damage. 500 damage each time he sleeps is a nice chunk of hp when you are constantly dodging high damage hits normally. I would personally proc bombs after you land your wake up attack as Great Sword you want the TCS damage amplified but you also want the free damage from the bombs and they don't really need to hit anywhere specific.
  9. Try to keep him out of his nest because the fight gets really intense in there just like the normal fight. I wouldn't even bother with flash pods as they are less reliable than the crystal slingers and you just want to try to dodge his attacks rather than flash him out of it. I used all 5 crystal pods staggering him whenever he tried to go back to the nest because honestly I hate that area so much especially because he fake dive bombs the walls sometimes and carts you.
  10. I personally did not run HP boost, but I made it a point to keep my health over 90% for the entire fight because most of his moves do around 80% of your HP.
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The build I used:

Wyvern Ignition – Health Regen (no second augment because my stream stone luck only gives me bowgun stream stones) would recommend affinity as second augment

Nergi Helm B – Attack Jewel x2

Drachen Mail – Non-Elemental Boost

Drachen Vambraces – Tenderizer + Charger Jewel ( I would drop charger if you run a Focus charm)

Drachen Coil – Mighty Jewel

Drachen Greaves – Expert Jewel (can be swapped out if you have the affinity augment for a Critical Jewel)

Handicraft 3 charm (you can run focus but I really didn't like the idea of trying to sharpen against Nergi).

Temporal Mantle + Rocksteady Mantle. Rocksteady was used to basically lower his overall damage when temporal was down as well as let me tank through his smaller attacks but if you don't play safe enough you can get carted from a one of his attacks if he hits you (I'm not sure which one but he really only has one or two multi hit attacks)

Maybe I'm just an insane man for going GS and fighting Nergi with how little you get big openings on him, but I have mained GS on both Xbox and PS4 as my go to AT smasher for fight besides Xeno and Vaal. My PC character isn't quite there yet because my friends are on console.

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