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AT Vaal Hazak: Behaviour and Reminder according to my experience

MonsterHunterWorld1 - AT Vaal Hazak: Behaviour and Reminder according to my experience

Disclaimer: This is my first time posting here, and I only used gunlance to fight him, experience might be different with other weapons and feel free to point out my mistakes/ misconceptions.

Unlike AT Kirin, AT Vaal lacks 1 hit KO attack but its Effulvia gas that constantly damages you now does almost 2 times its tempered counterpart’s damage and Miasma effect that still halve you max health can easily kill you.

Altered Behaviour: Instead of hanging around area 14 and 12 then occasional area 9, it now comes down from area 8 to 9, before going back to area 12 and 14, which means it is almost guaranteed that Vaal Hazak will enter turf war with Odogaron. Vaal Hazak with its improved Effulvia effect makes it so that Odogaron wont hang around after the turf war animation with Vaal Hazak, thus you can take this window to safely damage Vaal/ heal yourself/ sharpen your weapon/ run away.

Altered attack: A couple of attack has been slightly altered, eg its downward Miasma attack now does damage 1-3 times depending on your position, shield users should look out before trying to attack. I didnt notice any other different attacks but tell me if I am wrong.


Near death stage: Vaal Hazak will now go back to area 16 and sleep on a pool of acid instead of the mountain of corpses, be careful when you place your bomb/ charge up your attack.


Level 3 Effulvia resistance is almost mandatory as keeping your max health is very important. Vaal Hazak boots beta offer level 2 and with a effulvia resistance gem you can achieve level fairly easily.

Elderseal weapon will stops its gas for a while so it can help.

Health Regen augmentation can helps with Effulvia effect but with Effulvia gas’ much higher damage Health Regen cant negate it totally but still recommend.


Vitality Mantle and Health Booster can stops Effulvia from affecting you for a while thus is recommended. Temporal Mantle is still useful but it does not negate Effulvia damage.

After killing it for the first time you can make Vaal Hazak helmet gamma which increase your healing skill, thus helps with dealing the Effulvia damage.

Conclusion: I havent seen an AT Vaal Hazak post on this sub so I decided to share some of my experience. Fellow hunters, good luck hunting it.

Edit: Wrong observation.

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