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AT Vaal Hazak QoL skills run down

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So experimenting some skills on ATVH during the weekend, and here is my rough run down of some survival/QoL skills. ATVH's mist basically turns the meta into HP management first and damage 2nd. Here is what I think how each QoL skills's usefulness

Essential : Effluvia Resistance x3, it maybe option for some highly skilled solo runs, but if you sos or join one and without it, like someone said, you are an as*hole.

Very Good:

  • Health Regen Augmented Weapon: if your weapon hits more than 30 regularly, every hit you get 3 HP back, 4 with recovery up 3x. The more damage per hit the better.

  • Evade Extender: This is by far the most useful utility skills that only needs either 1 to 3 lv2 slot or using equipment like Empress head gear. So many times I just side step or roll and are in safe zone already with GL. It's also super useful for pursuing Vaal when mobility is slow. Once I get enough armor spheres(spent most of them during AT Kirin and level up my Dodogama pieces.) I will use 2x of this with my new gamma armor.

  • Divine Blessing: 3x will take a lot burden off Vaal's mist DoT. There are no other ways around that DoT so this is what you can have with 3 lv1 slot.

  • Recovery Up: 3x makes potion and any power you received 30% more potent. Runs well with health regen augment.

  • Status enhancing skills(sleep/para attacks): It's really nice to have someone run status gun or status IG/DB on ATVH, makes the fight really smooth if you decide to run status build.

  • Earplug 5x: I think for a GL set it's hard to keep this in, but in my experience, I got hit most for the roar and falling. If your weapon can't not block, this would actually give you more dps time. But since the falling have hit box in front, and wind pressure in the back, you need to address that as well.

Good to have:

  • Health Boost: This is probably must have if you don't have health regen augmented weapon, with health regen hitting above 50 per hit you can run a set that don't have it. I have a early build that does not have health boost and I soloed AT Hazak well. But in multiplayer run with damage modifier, I run a set with 2x health boost.

  • Guard Up: Kinda required for Lance/Gunlance, but for other blockable weapons I think evade extender covers more option than this. If you position well and don't go too greedy on hits, you will never get hit by beams or plums. Give it a few more days and I might not need it at all with GL. It's more for the pinch moment(ie. run after Vaal and it does the corner beam before he aggro on you. you can not super man dive if monster isn't aggro on you. Cart once because of this.)

  • Flinch Free 1x: I don't have it in my set cause of slots. But damn I wish I have for some runs. when everyone is piling on ATVH, sometimes I got interrupted and was actually worried I'm getting comboed. I would run this one I upgrade to the set I am targeting that grands me one more lv3 slot. Managed to survive this far.



  • Guard: Initially I thought this is kinda required, but after a few run I can just live with Guard 2x from bazel chest for the reduced stamina/damage.(I have ZERO ironwall deco, RNGesus please.) Even running without health boost I can do fine with Guard 2x. And obviously, not every weapon can block.

  • Tool Specialist: This is optional depending on your play style, if you have spare slots this can get some good utility out.

  • Effluvia Expert: This can be meh if host kite AT Vaal to lower zones, but it could be a hit and miss. Does nothing on the Vaal mist, only prevents yellow mist ticks. If you run a health regen weapon this is not required as the tick does little damage and your regen will out heal that.

  • Super Recovery(VH Set bonus): This is useful in combo with Health regen weapon and recovery up 3x. But if the group choose to fight in the yellow fog zone, it's not as useful. It's basically a 1 HP per second regen if you have no red health. So when you are in ATVH's mist, this is useless as every tick have a small red portion of health, and the tick happens about every 1.5 sec where you happen to get the red health back then gets another tick. It works better when host kite ATVH to none yellow mist area and when ATVH is not in full enraged mode that covers the zone with mist.

  • Wind Pressure Negate: I haven't run it, but for non-blockable weapons, 2x of this could be required to negate some of the wind pressure follow ups so you can get more damage in. There are no serious/OHKO follow up moves that could hit you after getting caught.


  • Recovery Speed: Although Vaal gamma set have this, this is useless when ATVH's mist is on cause the tick damage pretty much negates the usefulness of this skill. Even Immunizer aren't that useful. 99% of time one hit from health regen will get rid of the red portion of your health bar, and the skill is not on like over 80% of the fight.

  • Defense boost: This is a skill that works only if you get hit. But for people haven't get max augmented armors, consider gem in this with spare slots you have instead of attack/affinity. There are players that runs way below required equipment you just see their health melts away even from the mist ticks. I think overall 450 defense is minimum for melee, below that then a hit/mist tick combo could get you in to dead zone if you don't have someone powder you.

Player skill required:

  • Evade Window: I tried to experiment it with regular tempered Vaal, but I opt to not using it with my wide GL set as I don't have enough experience with Vaal to know what it's gonna do. It also needs heavy investment to be effective.

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