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ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guide

MonsterHunterWorld7 - ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guide

This guide was written months ago by me and my friend, I want to upload this again for PC players.

This guide is done under the assumption that you know all of Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth’s mechanics. If not, please refer to the two phase siege guide

All the information is gathered from YouTube clips of JP speedrunners, folks from Poogie Patrol. Then adjusted by Dapperguy86 and myself.

F.T.F (Fuck the Foreloegs) Strategy

This strategy will get you Reward Level 14, that is 5 Rainbow Rewards.


Area 1 – Area 3:

Weapons: Kjarr Blitz “Thunder” LBG or the Empress Shell ‘Styx’ LBG. Kjarr Daggers ‘Spark’ can work too, but the skill requirement is a lot higher.

Armor skills: Partbreaker 3, Bombardier 3 and Health Boost 3 are mandatory. You can drop Health Boost 3 if you are certain KT’s barrel roll in area 2 is not going to hit you. For more detailed builds, check the Imgur albums below.

Area 4:

Team composition: At least 1 Dual Blades, 1 mounting weapon, and 1 CC bow. 2 Dual Blades with Impact Mantles is the ideal composition

Dual Blades: Ice Dual Blades like the Kjarr Daggers ‘Ice’ or Taroth Daggers ‘Ice’ are both king, Zyreal is also a viable option.

Mounting weapons: Kjarr Axe ‘Stream’, Kjarr Daggers "Ice", Greatsword and hammer (somewhat suboptimal, but they can work).

CC Weapons: Kjarr Arrow ‘Stream’ or Legia Snowfletcher.

Armor skills and food skills: Bombardier 3. Health Boost 3 for CC bow (not required). CC bow needs Slugger 3 for the 2nd KO. Mounting weapons eat for Felyne Rider. CC bow eats for Felyne Sharpshooter and Blackbelt or Felyne Slugger. Note Felyne Slugger is not required to obtain the the 2nd KO for CC bow. Dual Blades eat for Felyne Slugger. For more detailed builds, check the Imgur albums below.


35U4umL - ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guide

P1 ATKT meta builds, quick and dirty version

P1 ATKT meta builds, very detailed version from Dapperguy86

Learn how to do quadruple bomb during KT’s sleeping animation

The Siege:

Area 1

Objectives: Break 5 parts, build up mounting damage.

  • Do not use any cannons. Break 5 parts. The parts are: KT’s left hind leg twice, left and right tail, plus one chest.
  • Drop the first available boulder on KT. No more than 1 boulder on her head.
  • When KT is staggered from the boulder drop, everyone rushes to her left armpit and use eight bombs in total. One of the chest will break, and she should molten afterwards.
  • Keep shooting at her lower body. Focus on the tail plating first. The left hind leg should break pretty easily.
  • You can build up mount damage to allow for an instant mount in area 4. Do this by hitting her head or neck three times with LBG’s jumping attack (other body parts do not take mounting damage).
  • If you have not yet broken at least 4 parts before she digs, then drop any remaining boulders on her body.
  • Rush to the next tunnel where she is going to spawn (see picture below).
  • Place 8 bombs by the tunnel, craft your bombs, and go to nearby cannons to pick up extra Large Barrels (this depends on which spawn you get, more on that later).
  • Bomb her horn plating as she emerges from the tunnel like this.
  • Afterwards, shoot her head when she is in the emerging animation.
  • Shortly after begin to shoot her left arm while simultaneously piercing her left hind leg when she emerges from the tunnel. The goal is to break the left hind leg again while avoiding stray piercing shots to her head or chest.
  • Done correctly, you should have 5 broken parts with the right hind leg and left foreleg both weakened from all the stray bullets.
  • After you break 5 parts, go to the cannon in front of area 2, hang by the wedge beetle and be ready to do more mounting damage on KT. You will neither mount her nor resetting the mounting damage when she is transitioning to area 2.

Kulve Taroth’s spawn points and routes (Credit to Ness from BLT):

If you get the further spawn, you can drop boulder 1 on her head, and boulder 3 on her tail if you haven’t broken the left or right tail when she reaches boulder 3. However, this boulder 3 drop is rarely needed. You restock your large barrels by cannons 1 and 2. When to restock your large barrels depends on whether your team is fast or not. If your team is fast you can restock after you plant the bombs by the tunnel. If your team is slow, then restock after you break the left hind leg again.

If you get the center spawn, you can drop boulder 3 on her tail as she turns
BareGlisteningAtlanticridleyturtle - ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guide

like this, and boulder 2 on her head. There is a chance she will speed up when reaching boulder 3
RichInbornKinglet - ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guidelike this. You restock your Large Barrels by cannons 3 and 4. You restock at cannon 3 after you break the left hind leg again after she tunnels. Restock at cannon 4 where you can build up more mounting damage by using the wedge beetle nearby.

If you are fast enough, no matter which spawn you get, you can always build up more mounting damage with these two Wedge Beetles

Area 2:

Objectives: Trigger 2 digs, break 4 parts after the 2nd dig before area 3

  • Put on your Rocksteady Mantle when she enters area 2. She will dig immediately at the beginning if you broke 5 parts in area 1.
  • Sneak in chest damage with 1 bomb and 2 Wyvernblast during her first digging/emerging animation. Trigger them when her chests are above them
    like this.
  • When she emerges from her dig focus your shots on her horn plating while staying close to her head’s right side (04:15 example clip).
  • The moment her horn plating breaks rush to her nose and spam 5 bombs until she gets up again. The rocksteady mantle prevents you from getting knocked back with each explosion allowing you to continuously place bombs uninterrupted. The first person to reach her horns should be able to place 6 bombs in total. This extra bomb plus 5 from everyone else will chip her horns.
  • Afterwards, continue breaking parts until she digs again.
  • When KT emerges from her 2nd dig use all of your remaining bombs and Wyvernblast again to damage the chests.
  • This next part is important. After her 2nd dig the whole team should start counting broken parts. When 3 or 4 of her parts are broken stop shooting and wait for her to leave for area 3. If you accidentally break 5 parts after the 2nd dig, she will dig again and regenerate her broken parts (bad).
  • You can shoot slicing ammo at her horns if they haven’t chipped yet from all the bombing, but only do this when you have no body parts left to break.
  • After she roars twice she will leave for area 3. Begin to shoot her lower body (ideally the tails). If the 5th part breaks during this window, she will not dig and instantly release in area 3.
  • Farcast and change gear. A player using Empress Shell ‘Styx’ can preload KT with 3 Sleep Ammo lvl 2 and 1 Sleep Ammo lvl 1 to build sleep status for area 4.

Area 3:

Objectives: Horns chipped. Break enough to trigger the release. CC Bow preload sleep.

  • If you did not break the 5th part during her transition to area 3, wait for everyone and then run towards the right stalactite. Drop the stalactite to stagger her.
  • While she is down, CC Bow should target the head if the horns are not yet chipped. Everyone else should go for unbroken parts if KT has not yet released. Aim for lower body parts, as those should already be damaged from attacking her during the fleeing animation in the previous area.
  • If you are still unable to release her after the first stalactite drop, you should use the remaining stalactite on the island if need to knock her down and break more parts.
  • CC Bow can buffer KT’s sleep status with 2 fully charged dash dance with sleep coatings if no one had preloaded her with sleep ammo in the previous area. CC Bow can preload her with sleep coating even more while she is leaving for area 4. You will not put her to sleep or reset the status build up during this window.

Area 4:


Objectives: Break horns, don’t cart.

  • Stay close to KT’s left arm as CC Bow tries to put KT to sleep ASAP.
  • Quadruple bombing (7 bombs in total) when she sleeps.
  • Afterwards, KT will enter her fury state.
  • Everyone should run for the central pillar so the mounting weapon can mount her easily.
  • When KT is mounted, run to one of the corner pillars in the room that KT is not facing and plant the remaining 2 bombs you have, you should be out of bombs by this point.

Note: there are only 2 corner pillars in this room that KT charges at during a mount: the northeast pillar and the southeast pillar. When she is mounted she will always charge the pillar she is facing first followed by the other pillar. IE if she gets mounted and charges the northwest pillar, everyone should rush to the southeast pillar and place bombs there.

utl4olf5bct21 - ATKT pursuit level 1 horn break siege guide
  • Everyone should put their impact mantles on at this time if they have it. Dual Blades should sharpen to active Protective Polish. Place Affinity Boosters slightly right of KT’s right foreleg just before she falls over from the mount. Another Affinity Booster can be placed where the CC Bow is standing.
  • CC bow performs the CC chain: mount-KO-paralysis-KO chain if you are running 2 KO team composition.
    • Alternately, if you have 2 mounting weapons on your team, you can do the mount-KO-paralysis-2nd mount-KO chain. However, 2 mount CC chain is very YOLO and dangerous. I would highly suggest going for the 2 KO CC chain unless you have no other choice.
  • If the horns do not break after the CC chain you may have to freestyle a bit to help break the horns. The horns should be very close to breaking at this point. Temporal Mantle helps if you have it available. Try to do a pod KO or foreleg flinch. Two flinch on the forelegs will trip KT.

CC bow combo for the 2 KO CC chain:

  • When the mounter is about to perform the mount finisher put on your Impact Mantle.
  • When KT is immobilized from the mount finisher, do a full Quick Shot-Rapid-Power-Rapid-Power combo to KT’s head and just wait until the two Dual Blades get the 1st KO.
  • After KT is stunned, put on your Paralysis Coating and do a Quick Shot-Power-Rapid-Power- and spam Arc and Power Shot all the way to the 2nd KO while keeping max charge on your arrows.

F.T.F Stragedy Recordings:

P1 ATKT example clip – CC Bow whole fight POV (Area 4 starts at 09:10)

P1 ATKT – DB area 4 POV

P1 ATKT – DB area 4 mounting POV

P1 ATKT – GS area 4 POV

P1 ATKT – SA area 4 POV

Pursuit Level 1 Reward Level 17 Strategy:

This strategy will get you full rewards, that is 6 rainbow, 3 gold, and 3 silver rewards.

The strategy is mostly the same with the F.T.F strategy. I will only list out the things you should do differently.


Area 4 you will need one mounting weapon, one weapon for the horns, one weapon for the tail, and a CC Bow.

Area 4

Mounting weapons: Kjarr Axe ‘Stream’ or Kjarr Daggers "Ice"

Weapons for the horns: Kjarr Daggers ‘Ice’ or Taroth Daggers ‘Ice’

Weapons for the tail: Kjarr Daggers ‘Ice’, Taroth Daggers ‘Ice’, or Kjarr Strong Arm ‘Ice’

CC Weapons: Kjarr Arrow ‘Stream’ or Legia Snowfletcher.

Builds are included in the Imgur album above.

The Siege:

Area 1

Objectives: Break 5 parts and damage right foreleg. Two players pick up Dragon Pods and preload KT with Dragon pods

  • Your team has to trigger 8 bombs to break one of her chest BEFORE the first boulder drop. This is how to do it if you get the far spawn. Method for the close spawn will be uploaded later.
  • When KT is staggered from the bould drop, everyone places all the Wyvernblast by her left foreleg. Keep shooting the left foreleg and until it breaks. One person can move back and shoot the left tail and pierce to the left hind leg during this window, you don’t really need everyone to shoot the left foreleg.
  • Break the left hind leg and left tail before she tunnels.
  • When KT is emerging from the tunnel, the players with Dragon Pods can preload her, shoot 3-4 pods anywhere on KT before she finishes the emerging animation.
  • After KT tunnels, instead of breaking left hind leg for the second time, you break the right hind leg. While you are shooting the right hind leg you want to pierce from her right foreleg to her right hind leg. Keep shooting the arm until she is about to move.
  • Do the usual large barrels restocking and mounting damage build up

Area 2

Objectives: Break the right foreleg along with the usual F.T.F objectives. Preload her with more Dragon Pods

  • Not much difference in this area, just remember to break the right foreleg.
  • When she is digging/emerging for the 2nd time, the players with Dragon Pods can preload her with more Dragon Pods, just be sure to stop before she finishes the animation, and save some pods for area 4.

Area 3

Objectives: Tail bombing after release along with the usual F.T.F objectives.

  • After KT is released, your team has to rush to the tunnel leads to area 4, and bomb her tail. You want to trigger early with not enough bomb rather than triggering too late with all the bombs. If your team trigger the bombs too late she will instant fury in area 4. 6-8 bombs in total should be enough. This is how to do the tail bombing.

Area 4

Objectives: Get one more CC like the pod KO or the AC hood trip

  • You do triple bombing on the head instead of quadruple bombing when KT is sleeping.
  • If you fail to set off two bombs on the tail in area 3 for the tail bombing, use your remaining bombs on her head or tail when she is about to fury.
  • Do the usual mount knockdown-KO-paralysis-2nd KO chain while the tail breaking weapon work on the tail.
  • The CC Bow can still connect the 2nd KO with only one Dual Blades.
  • You will need one more CC to break KT’s horns. Dragon Pod KO is your next option. Whenever she rears up, if you land one Dragon Pod (Provided you have done the preloading correctly) on her before she is back on all four, she will be knocked down. The best window for a pod KO is the Behemoth hand slam. You only have one chance for the pod KO, if you wifted KT will only flinch and you would not be able to do the pod KO on her for the second time, so be absolutely sure when you are trying to do a pod KO. This is how to do it. Do not do pod KO when she rears up and do the ‘The floor is lava’ attack, more on that later.
  • If you meet the flinch threshold on her head when she is knocked down from the Dragon Pod, the flinch animation will overwrite the knock down. Annoying but not really a issue.
  • Whenever KT rears up and perform ‘The floor is lava’ attack, you can run to her hind leg with your Assassin's Hood mantle, drop a smoke bomb, and hit her hind leg the moment your mini map turns purple. KT will trip. This is how to do it.

P1 R17 Stragedy Recordings:

P1 R17 ATKT example clip – CC Bow whole fight POV

P1 R17 ATKT – CB tail break area 4 POV

P1 R17 ATKT – SA area 4 POV

Co-Creater: Dapperguy86

If you are on PS4 and interested in doing P1 runs, feel free to message me

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