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Attack Buff Stacking for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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Hey everyone!

About two years ago, I translated a Japanese guide from about attack damage stacking in Monster Hunter Generations link

Today I bring you the new and updated version for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


  • Blunt is now a multiplicative attack boost instead of a flat +15/+25/+30
  • New category for the new Valstrax armor skill

Each category is separated into different groups. Effects in the same group override each other unless otherwise specifically stated.

Group A

Powercharm (+6) 

Group B

Powertalon (+9) 

Group C (Large overrides Smaller; Smaller does not override Larger. Effects from A and B Stack in MHGU)

A: Demondrug (+5) Mega Demondrug (+7) B: Attack up (S) MEAL (+3) Attack up (M) MEAL (+5) Attack up (L) MEAL (+7) 

Group D (Priority given to the most recently used one)

Might Seed (+10 , 3mins) Might Pill (+25, 20secs) Nitroshroom  (+10, 3mins) Demon Horn (+10, 3mins) Demon S (+10, 1.1 Sharpness Bonus, Critical Distance damage bonus, 90secs) Demon Affinity S (+15, +10% crit, 1.1 Sharpness Bonus, Critical Distance damage bonus, 90secs) Cool Cat  (+15, 30secs) - activated when using Kick Back Gesture for a while 

Group E

Felyne Booster  (+3, 10mins from Quest Start or from resting in base camp bed) 

Group F (Armor Skill Attack Up)

Attack Up (S) (+10) Attack Up (M) (+15) Attack Up (L) (+20) 

Group G (Potential)

Adrenaline +2  (1.3x) Felyne Heroics  (1.35x) 

Group H (Hunting Horn)

Attack up (S) (1.1x, 1.15x recital) Attack Up (L) (1.15x, 1.2x recital) 

Group I (Survivor)

Fortify  1 cart (1.1x) Fortify  2 cart (1.2x) 

Group J (1 > 2 > 3 in order of priority)

1. Challenger  +1 (+10, 10% crit) +2 (+20, 15% crit) 2. Unscathed  +20 3. Latent Power  +1 (30% crit, 1/2 stamina consumption rate) +2 (50% crit, 1/4 stamina consumption rate) 

Group K

ColdBlooded  (+15 in cold area, additional +5 with cold drink) HotBlooded  (+15 in hot area, additional +10 defense with hot drink) 

Group L

Blunt  - Increases attack based on sharpness Green (1.1x) Yellow (1.15x) Orange/Red (1.2x) Factoring the lower damage from hitting too soon or too late in attack animations for yellow/red, the ideal sharpness is Green if you want to use this skill. 

Group M

Crisis  (+20) 

Group N

Furor  (+20) 

Group O

Dragon Spirit  (1.1x) 

My Japanese is not perfect, so if there are any errors please let me know!

Credits for translation and help go to the following users:

/u/scook0 /u/ShadyFigure /u/helel89 /u/lenne18 /u/Kiosade /u/Knorr306

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