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AUGUST 2020 – Recruitment Megathread for Discords/Steam Groups/Console Squads

MonsterHunterWorld1 - AUGUST 2020 - Recruitment Megathread for Discords/Steam Groups/Console Squads

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Greetings fellow Hunters! We're into August already, feels like this insane year is just zooming by! Hope all you hunters are staying safe out there, 6 ft/2 m apart except in hunts where closeness counts. Keep those
giphy - AUGUST 2020 - Recruitment Megathread for Discords/Steam Groups/Console Squadscool drinks a-flowing, we're definitely going to need 'em. . . Now onto the meat & potatoes of this Chef's Platter!

If you are just looking for another hunter or a few hunters to get a specific task done, or even possibly trying to find a host for a specific quest (i.e. USJ quests) you can dismiss this thread and have fun posting on the sub as usual.

Now for the meat and potatoes to make a full meal combination of what this thread can and should be used for.

Reasons you should be posting in this thread…

  • You are a squad leader looking for new members.

  • Looking to start a squad? This is your place!

  • Is a new event (Such as Jho/Kulve Taroth/Behemoth/etc.) coming around and you want to find/gather other hunters to form a (large) group and take on the colossal task? Right here my friends.

Reasons you should NOT be posting in this thread…

  • Lone hunter just trying to find friends on PSN/XBL/Steam.

  • Looking to join a squad? Unless the comment says "Post your GT/ID/Steam User here for…" it shouldn't be necessary to do much more than browse and join up.

  • Posting Session IDs for immediate help with quests, including events.

The idea of this thread is to cleanse the sub of recruitment posts that flood the main page and make it simpler for other hunters to find/start groups without having to scroll page after page when new posts push old posts down.

The megathread will be refreshed the 1st of each month just to keep itself from getting too cluttered.

Please try to make your recruitment post look neat, as people tend to gravitate towards the groups that are well organized. Almost everyone here should not use this megathread to post LFG, if in doubt, use the sub normally or look at what other people have posted below this megathread. If you post here when you shouldn't or your comment is deemed inappropriate for the thread, the mods will remove your post after a set amount of time.


Do not post your recruitment post in reply to other people's posts on the sub. If we see recruitment posts outside of this megathread, you will be warned to move it over here or you will be banned for repeated violations.

In addition to this rule, please do not try to circumvent the Megathread by posting recruitment outside of it. You can comment on a post, but point fellow hunters here rather (or PM them at your own discretion) than flooding every LFG post on the sub with a Discord link. If we see a comment or a post that is out-of-bounds, you will receive 1 warning and the next instance will result in a ban.

Please refrain from fluffing the votes. Making an up-vote for your squad mandatory doesn't speak very well for the kind of community you wish to invite others into.
6sYqmuC - AUGUST 2020 - Recruitment Megathread for Discords/Steam Groups/Console Squads
We understand that you want to be as "visible as possible", but users will still sort through the comments and find something more to their liking. Or they'll join a server, see that it was over-hyped and leave.

Last and definitely not the least…

IF you are tempted to repost your comment in the thread in order to gain better visibility, remove your former comment first. There's no need to comment on your own post just to "update" it, hit the edit button and make some effort (plus you'll keep your upvotes that way).

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