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Barioth 2’13 Switch Axe World Record – Breakdown

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Barioth 2'13 Switch Axe World Record - Breakdown

Hey guys, Ruse again! Since Frostfang Barioth was recently announced, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to brush up on Barioth a bit. I haven't really fought him much at all, in fact I think the one and only time I actually remember fighting him was during the Iceborne story haha. Anyways, this one will be a little bit short because I think most Switch Axe ZSD runs speak for themselves, overall they aren't too challenging. I would argue that the hardest part about ZSD runs is scripting a good opener, and hoping that you get some decent RNG when it comes to the monsters AI. Let's get into it!

Here's the run:

Here's the build I used:

What I brought with me:

– 1 Demon Powder
– 1 Mega Demondrug
– 1 Might Seed
– 2 Tranq Bombs
– 1 Shock Trap

So as per my usual strategy when doing a special arena run, the first thing I do once I land is throw out my demon powder before hopping on the zipline over to the arena. Once I get off the zipline, I chug my demondrug and take my might seed before crawling into the arena. Once in, I grab some rocks and move to the right of where Barioth is positioned while throwing on my rocksteady. The reason I run to the right of him is because If I go close to the edge while on his left, he will see me quite easily and ruin the opening part of the script.

Now that I've got my rocks and rocksteady mantle on, we can start the fight. Before jumping down, I shoot a rock at Barioth to make him flinch so that I can safely clutch claw onto his head. As I jump down, I clutch claw his head and make sure that I land on his left side so that I can do three slaps and turn him towards the part of the wall that I jumped off of, which, after the wallbang, will put him in a good position to be hit by the rock trap. Anyways, once I've slapped him three times and turn him to the wall, I wallbang him, afterwards, I run to his head and clutch claw it once again, this time, in order to tenderize it.


After his head is good and tenderized, I make my way towards the switch for the rock trap. This part is the least consistent in the entire run. The only parts of his body that can actually get hit by the rock trap in his current position, are his tail and his right arm. Many of my attempts at this run were ruined due to him being just slightly out of position. I managed to get lucky this time and actually hit his arm with the rocks, which was awesome. Now that he's knocked down from the rocks, it's time to build up some sword energy. Once I'm close enough to his head, I press R2 to immediately switch into sword mode, the combo I use to build up energy is Triangle > Circle > Triangle > Triangle > Circle > Circle. Once my sword is fully powered up, I press Triangle+Circle to start the ZSD spam.

The rest of the run is pretty straight forwards. I believe it usually takes about 4-5 ZSD's in order to get him down to the amount of health where he's capturable. After about two ZSD's I usually get a clagger, after the first clagger is when I usually put on my Temporal mantle. From this point on, from experience in past runs against Barioth with SA, I know that I only need maybe one or two more ZSD's in order to capture him. After my 4th ZSD, I put away my weapon and get ready to tranq him. Once he's good and tranqed, I place my trap… I got a little unlucky here as I wasn't expecting him to jump up into the air, so I lost a few seconds due to poor RNG but luckily he jumped into the trap not much longer.

That's the run folks. Sorry for the shorter breakdown this time around, I hope it's still sufficient and gives more of you guys an idea of the planning that goes into things like this. I like putting together these breakdowns and it makes me happy to see others enjoying my work.

Thanks for the support as always! I recently hit 100 Subs on Youtube and it wouldn't have been possible without all of the support I've gotten from so many of you. I really really appreciate it. I know 100 subs probably doesn't seem like a lot to some of you, but for me, someone who has only been speedrunning for about a month or two, it's a lot of progress that I didn't think I'd make this easily. So thank you, truly.

Lots of love

Ruse ~

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