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Barroth: An ecological report

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Hello again everyone! seeing as my previous reports have been positively received, I thought I would continue my in depth look at the monsters in mhw, and how they fit into their ecosystems with an investigation of Barroth.

Habitat and Territory: The Barroth lives in the Wildspire Waste alone in the New World, and in this environment it will roam nearly the entire area. From the muddy gorges, to the lush rivers, to the blazing hot sands this brute wyvern can be found, often searching for its preferred prey, carrier ants.

The Barroth will travel mainly between the muddy river and the dunes. It braves the Diablos infested dunes in search of the largest anthills in the Waste, which it will munch on quickly, then travel back to safer ground. It uses the river and swamp to replenish its muddy shell, and to rest camouflaged.

Though it finds its prey mostly in the dunes near the Wildspire, it stakes its territory in the central area of the Waste, and through the aforementioned canyons. The Barroth marks its turf by scratching canyon or dirt walls with its muddy back, leaving mud behind in the grooves that it has created.

Though there is no confirmation on this matter, I believe that these are territorial markings, for it makes them in no areas already claimed by Diablos or Jyuradtodas, and that in making these marks, it is removing mud from its body. The layer of mud that covers the Barroth is one of the best defenses it has, against both the heat of the sun and other monsters, and as such, it must have some sort of reason for removing its own armor willingly. Feel free to comment about your own theories about this behavior.

Relations with other monsters: The Barroth is uncharacteristically passive for brute wyverns, and will rarely attack hunters, large monsters, or even small monsters if unprovoked.

Indeed, when it encounters Rathians (both varieties), Jyuratodus, Pukei-Pukei, and even Anjanath when out of combat with another creature it will never attack them, and because it is rarely attacked itself, encounters between these monsters rarely amount to anything more than threatening roars.

However, Diablos will often attack Barroth even when not on its turf, clearly recognizing the frequent trespasser.

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Also, strangely enough, Kulu Ya Ku can occasionally be seen fighting with Barroth, even if no prior combat with either monster has taken place. This springs from the erratic behavior of the Kulu Ya Ku, which will often see it attacking large monsters when in possession of a large rock. When such encounters take place, Barroth will retaliate sparingly, scaring the bird wyvern off, before continuing on with its march.


However, when Barroth comes across another large monster fighting another creature, say a hunter, it will often join in the fray and attempt to knock the other beast down. The reason behind this is not obvious, as Barroth is an insectivore, but it seems likely that Barroth is trying to take down possible threats, for despite its intimidating stature, the Barroth is far from the apex predator in the Waste.

Mud functionality and common uses: One of the defining traits of the Barroth is the mud shield that it covers itself with. This mud is utilized by the Barroth to negate its weaknesses, to weaken foes, and to protect itself from the harsh environment it lives in.

Mainly, this mud armor is used to soften incoming attacks, mainly fire based ones. The dried mud has a surprising resistance to fire, which the barroth's hide itself is quite vulnerable, showing an evolutionary trait negating a physical weakness, a phenomena not often seen in wyverns.

Additionally, as anyone who has fought this beast can attest to, it shakes this mud from its body as a method of attacking. However, it will also do this when it is defecating, most likely to stop any opportunistic predators from attacking during one of its most vulnerable times.

Indeed, many wyverns can be seen looking around warily before doing this, knowing that they bring major risk to themselves, if even only for a moment. Furthermore, this is actually a very important trait for the Barroth, as it leaves behind far more dung than any other monster I've researched (dead serious), and is one of the weaker monsters in its locale.

Another use of the mud shell is that in more extreme environments it can nullify the heat that Barroth must face in order to go deep into harsh deserts, however, the Wildspire Waste seems fairly mild as deserts go, and as such this trait is likely of less use here in the New World.

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Ultimately the Barroth is a monster extremely well adapted to most desert environments, for as long as there are large amounts of insects to eat, and muddy areas, the Barroth will always have an edge over monster of similar power, and strong defenses against monsters stronger than itself….

Hope you enjoyed my report on the Barroth and its habits. Just to make sure there's no confusion, the Barroth actually does shake mud from its body while it is taking a dump. I said why I thought it does this, but if you have a more logical explanation I would love to hear it. Most of what I do with these reports is look at the monsters behavior for an hour or two, and try to interpret it as best as I can, so naturally I won't always find the best answer for why any given trait exists. Additionally if you have a monster that you would really like to get more insight on, please tell me down below.

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