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Bashing Barroth: Ryu and You

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I heard some of you were having trouble with the Big Boy Barroth challenge quest. I think I have some solutions. I've been breezing through the grind, and to be frank, I don't think I'm even that good at this game. I just found a few reliable ways to abuse that thicc hitbox.

I run with the hammer, but I imagine most of these hot tips will work just as well with greatsword or gunlance.

  • Start off with the barrel bombs. If you like, you can use the paralysis knife to get it to hold still while you detonate it all, but I prefer to just set them in the path of its bull rush. Then, use your ancient potion and the powders, and get to swinging.

  • Go for the gooch. You know, the taint, the grundle, whatever the kids are calling it nowadays. Not only is this a weak spot, but as long as you're right between its legs, none of its attacks will hit you. I cannot stress this enough. Heads will slam and tails will swish all around, and you'll be snug and safe in your cozy little leg-nook, slamming on that taint.

  • After the bombs, it won't take long to begin stunning, staggering, and knocking the beast over. When it falls, go for its dweeby little arms. The water element on the hammer knocks off the mud armor right quick, so once you get going, the beast will also spend a lot of time doing that weird shimmy animation. Go to town.

  • That bull rush is a doozy, and has a very silly hitbox. This Barroth is actually riding an invisible car, with big invisible spikes sticking out to the side. If you're close by when the animation starts, and see it coming, it's usually fine; you can dodge to the side, or between the legs if you're daring. If you're farther away, it gets trickier. A well-timed dive is about the only thing that works reliably.

  • Guzzle potions like it's Faygo and you're a weird clown. It's not like you can hold onto them for the next battle.

  • Seriously, potions. The only times I get carted are when I get all co*ky and start running around at half health. Don't be like me. Barry B can stun you, smash you into the muck, then smash you into another muck. By the third muck-lock, you will crave death, and will relish the crushing of your frail body.

  • If you do get carted, don't sweat it. Jump back in with a max potion at the ready. You'll still get a ticket at the end.

That's what I got. If y'all have some sicknasty tips, I'd love to hear them! Anyway, have fun murdering things.

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