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Beast Prowler, Fatalis, and Hypers

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I've finally taken the plunge and emerged as a reddit user… here we go LOL.

I'm not here to debate the dps values or any of the beliefs that circulate around prowler set ups, but I am here to talk about some experiences I've had recently. I've been running a beast prowler with F Havoc Eye for the nice dmg and blast, handicraft, crit up s and L, and I've read all the numbers / info posted despite my set up. This is just what I like seeing on my prowler.

The things I haven't seen mentioned are the amount of breaks and staggers you get with level 3 beast mode spam and a blast weapon, or the buff from rousing roar being up nigh constantly. The buff to support gauge gain in this iteration and the boost it grants from hitting hyper parts is also a strat I use often. When I use my beast combo, or even the basic melee aerial spin on a hyper part, I can max the support gauge very quickly. I typically bring flash Bombay, and we infinite flash the monster with my support gauge (team has theirs too but we only ended up needing a spot flash once). It's really crazy to me, and I honestly believe that the blast element is just too good on beast prowlers, despite all the data and numbers. I see the explosions, and watch replays on my switch to make sure. The biggest weakness I personally encounter isn't any of the things I hear prowlers put down for, more their size. When you have to run up underneath something like a hyper gravios, the way the camera eliminates a lot of important signs of attack is probably where the most risk comes into play, and the closest I've come to carting on fatalis was when I was too deep in his belly to notice him readying a body slam (even then, R saved me at the last second). The corner of this back legs and the tail is the best spot, as you will sometimes take VERY SMALL chip damage from a foot, but not the damage of the tail. Rock steady buff from beast mode also allows you to attack right through it. The fights went even faster after I proved myself because the team wasn't trying to focus on breaks anymore, except the horns when he came down from binders. But it's also the head for most damage so you hit that no matter what, when you can.

I think, for me, what I see about prowler isn't even an issues of dps, as much as a team that is truly working towards a synergy of four people coordinating on the target. With all of the extra staggers and effects you can pull out of yourself for your team, as long as you pace yourself, I've honestly not seen a difference in clear times. The biggest way to lose dps is to be so blindly aggressive that you're suddenly trying to heal up in small pieces or the team is wasting life powders on you. Your so mobile that you should never stress repositioning if you need to, as you get more hits in over time. Keeping rousing roar up for my team, and doing so many fast hitting blast stacking attacks…it makes me feel like some sort of weird hunting horn / dual blade hybrid, downvote me if you like that for that LOL! I'm just trying to share the feeling I get when I play this thing 🙂 I love hunting horn too, by the way. That Ahtal Ka horn's divine protection makes rooms with newer players way safer to fight alongside, and recital hits make you more of a dps contributor than the reputation it has at large. Anyway!


I don't build the standard way, and while I understand the way boomerange works, I just can't enjoy the playstyle. I wouldn't try a deviant EX as prowler, and two or three hypers are sub optimal fights for me personally, because of how I play. But, like any set up, my beast prowler is one weapon in my "arsenal" that I consider more appropriate than others for specific match ups / team comps, and it sees a lot of use. I still think everything said about them is accurate in general, because it is how the community at large has experienced playing them. I think that if an individual has a unique relationship with a weapon that differs from what is commonly discussed, we don't have to go on some crusade to make one or the other feel like either is wrong. That's what this post is about. When I play prowler, I PERSONALLY feel like I do tons of damage, contribute a lot to my team, and without stamina or items, I also see it as one of my more "mellow" set ups that helps keep an engaging rhythm to my cycle of weapon choices, and hunt strategies. The hyper part support gauge boost with the multi hitting attacks, coupled with the surprising amount of part breaks (I assume from blast) are what really solidify it for me, and I always communicate with my groups / have pre loaded hot keys to announce the moves I'm making as the fight develops. I welcome being lower dps than someone else, and I think that let's me not build myself with a focus on the "prowler stigma," because after using status LBG (recovery shots have also saved quite a few cart failures), hunting horn, and bringing so many strategies for the GROUP to get more hits / safety options in a fight, I'm already in the mindset of 3 other people out damaging any individual build I can pull off. That's how I play prowler. I damage when I can, but my support gauge (SUPPORT gauge) is for my team. The F Havoc Eye is pretty beastly with so many rapid hits, and even it isn't optimal dps, those blasts happen way more than I have ever seen, except maybe with the old kelbi stingshot alatreon strat.

The only other thought I have is that yes, certain builds are boomerang and certain are melee, but if you are only thinking dps, that is more of a human hunter mindset. Prowler mindset to me is dps and support gauge. When I started thinking "dps and support gauge" my playstyle got much more refined, and I think it really helped me click with the prowler. I'm not sitting here acting like some pro, and I use support moves / do things that would probably make anyone who goes by the listed things blow an aneurysm, but I get lots of room invites and people tend to call me demon cat. I really feel like the prowler in a team is a presence to make the fight less repetitive, plus the rock steady buff from rousing roar is also really nice for all those stupid leg trips. I swear I don't remember them being this bad in any of the previous games lol. But it's a really beautiful thing to be able to flash a hyper rathalos out of the sky every time it goes airborne, and see like 3 players charging greatswords at its face lmao. For me, my enjoyment of monster hunter is all about if what I play is fun and if I can reliably find rooms to play that way in. I read so much about prowlers being bad or people willing to boot them that I almost didn't even try this game. But none of that ever happened to me, and honestly this community isn't elitist, it's just that every hunter plays to find that dream set up where they have all the skills they want for the playstyle they love. Or hard numbers. But that's the magic of the game.

Frankly, the only bad community I've ran into is league of legends lol. I swear I can be 19 2 11 and a 0 6 1 team mate will spam a link of an off meta item I have equipped to group chat like, the entire game. Good God.

Ok, I'm done 🙂 Good luck hunters. May the RNG respect your battles and honor you with many beautiful loot boxes.

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