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Behemoth Checklist For Lower HR Players(or maybe you)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Behemoth Checklist For Lower HR Players(or maybe you)

Hey Everyone!

So Behemoth has been out for a bit and being over HR 100 and having people still getting one shot by a tail swipe, I can only imagine lower HR players giving him a go getting frustrated because well he probably just dominates you. So I just wanted to give you guys a checklist to follow as closely as you want with some general advice. So here we go!

  1. DO NOT GIVE UP – I know he probably seems super tough, but HR 16 was probably too low a requirement to have on him. Behemoth is also the first monster I can say reminds me of the difficulty of older MH games. I personally found MHW up to this point pretty easy. G-Rank will just get harder. So definitely learn this fight in preparation and use it as good practice.

  1. Augment Your Armor – So this is available after you complete the HR 49 Urgent Quest. For more info . This allows you to remove the upgrade limit of your armor beyond its original upgrade limit. Now you may ask why this may be important since you can survive a tail swipe already. It is important because Behemoth can and will combo you up and faint you out of nowhere. It has happened to me. I believe 450 armor is the cap but you can be a little lower.

  1. Flash Tornadoes – This is not a requirement if you are in a larger area fighting Behemoth if you can reliably drop a couple of them on the edge. But if you are full on playing with a bunch of random players I would make sure to flash tornadoes. Which leads me to my next point.

4) Add Craft Flash Pods To Radial Menu/Bring Flashbugs – While you can just hit flash pod to craft a single one and press it again to equip, this can be costly against Behemoth. Adding craft to your radial allows you to craft another stack of 3 pods to use which saves time.

  1. Get The Temporal Mantle – *slaps top of temporal mantle* This mantle can fit so many dodges in it! This mantle is your bread and butter for HR as it auto dodges attacks for you. This can be key if you end up taking his enmity/aggro and you are not a tank. It is also helpful if you are short on time and want to go full ham for the duration to deal damage. I would say this is somewhat optional for Behemoth if you are careful but you should definitely get it.
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  1. DO NOT FLASH/MOUNT IF SOMEONE HAS ENMITY – I have seen this happen too many times to count. Someone takes enmity(usually the tank) and someone mounts behemoth or flashes him which resets it. That is a waste of a 90 second window of damage. Do not waste it. Which brings me to my next point.

  1. If you get a mount, slow mount him(if you have comets ready) – This is something my friends and I do and I am sure others do as well is what we call slow mounting. If we have 2-3 comets on the ground, one of us will go for a mount if we get it we just ride the mount out. Pretty much just hold on with no attacking. This gives your team a massive window to attack as he won't be casting anything which sometimes can lead from a finished mount to a ecliptic meteor cast.

  1. VITALITY GEMS! – These again are not SUPER necessary, but the extra 50 health helps if you are not fully comfortable fighting behemoth just yet.

  1. The FF14 Jump Emote Dodge – Now this is not a requirement to learn but it is a good thing to know how to use in those OH SHIT situations. Like many of you I am sure you have been in those situations where Behemoth goes to cast and there is no comet to get to. You can dodge ecliptic meteor with the FF14 dodge emote. When he starts the cast sheath your weapon, and after your character flinches use the emote and you SHOULD dodge it. You can also cast it 1 second after the prompt BEHEMOTH CASTS ECLIPTIC METEOR. There are two prompts for it so make sure its 1 second after the second prompt. Though this way is based on distance away from the meteor as well. You will not always be successful, but at least trying to dodge it is better than just giving up and fainting.
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There is probably other advice and tricks others know. But I hope this helps some of you newer players! DO NOT GIVE UP! Behemoth is the MOST FUN I have had in this game so far. An awesomely designed fight!

  1. Restock between areas – When Behemoth runs off to the next area, fly back to camp restock on pots and flashes/flashbugs and take the free heal from going in the tent as well!

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