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Behemoth discussion a brief look at our new guest

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Hi figured I try to start a post about our new giant dog beast thing.

For those who do not know how Behemoth works Im gonna try my best to give you guys the information you need here.


Behemoth shares a mechanic mmorpgs bosses have and that is aggro. How to get his aggro or as its called in game Enmity you need to have one person focus their attacks on his head. This is your "tank". While that tank has his attention everyone else is free to wail on behemoth without worry of him focusing attacks on you. BE WARNED his attacks have large hitboxes so be careful about your placement.

The most important mechanic are comets. He will summon comets down on a random person during the fight. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THESE! Once he summons his Ecliptic Meteor you need to hide behind a comet and make sure that the comet is between you and the giant red circle on the ground that indicates the point of impact. Multiple people can hide behind the same comet so dont fret about that. WARNING this Ecliptic Meteor can not be superman dodged, blocked, Foresight dodged, and if I remember correctly farcasters are disabled. Only way to dodge this move is using the comets. If you block or do anything else you will be carted.

These are the only two mechanics in this fight.


Now to his moves. Were gonna start with his whirlwind move. I forget the name so I do apologize for that.

It will say behemoth is charging a move. A person will have a windgust around them. Whoever this is needs to get far away from the group and preferably go to a place in the area out of the way. Keep running the whole time and he will cast the move. A tornado will spawn on that person and will stay for a long time. Much like Kushala Doaras tornados. Easy to dodge but if your not paying attention or take to long to move it will cause a tornado to spawn right in the middle of the area and cause a giant hassle.


Meteor summoning. Sounds just like what you think. He summons meteors to crash down on you. A red spot will appear where they will crash down HOWEVER that red circle does not indicate the full hitbox. You can be hit outside of that red circle so be sure you dont think just cause your outside of the red your safe.

Can summon a wave in front of him so its best to stay behind his forearms while someone is holding aggro.

He summons lightning bolts down like kirin but at first its instant really no way to dodge and then he does it again with actual time to dodge.

He can cause bleeding so be aware of this detail.

Rest of his moves are swipes, big spin, and generic leaps.


When you mount him be aware this is a very high chance your gonna get his enmity. After all its gained by hitting his head and usually when you mount your gonna hit the head a lot. Just be aware of this fact.

Bring a couple health boosters for your tank. This is a team fight so bring something supportive along. I'm sure they'd appreciate it since they are the one who's gonna be taking hits for your team.

He is affected by EVERY status. Sleep, poison, stun, paralysis, and blast. A team I was on managed to break both horns by doing one sleep bomb on him. Only 2nd area too so keep that mind.

Breaking his parts apparently can weaken his attacks. Im not sure which ones but that is what it says in game.

Bring dragon weapons if your not gonna bring a status weapon. Water and ice are okay but Dragon hurts the most. They said he's weak to water but he is weakest to dragon.

Please drop the crystals on him in the first area. Been in numerous groups where no one pays them any mind even though they do over 1k damage.

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Thats all I have for now. If anyone else has any additional or helpful info pls put it below. This guy is tough and the more prepared people are going in the less stressful of a time were all gonna have.

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