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Behemoth mounting trick

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Hello Hunters,

So I did a few hunts vs Behemoth and I think I found a very cheap but effective way of dealing with him. Apologies beforehand if this is already known, I did not find anything via search.

So I was hunting Behemoth and a fellow hunter managed to mount the beast. And he stayed mounted on his back for like 3-4 Minutes. He just swapped position from time to time to negate stamina loss. In this time we were able to deal immense amounts of damage to him without him casting a thing. No tornadoes, no Meteors, nothing at all.

After the mount finally ended and the behemoth got up he immediately summoned a comet and the big OHKO Meteor. we could easily hide behind it and it entered the next Area.


After this hunt I decided to test it myself. And it really does seem to be reliable. You mount him (Me using IG) just swap position whenever he tried to throw you off and your team deals enough damage for him to enter the next area. Literally did this for the 2-last phase and it worked like a charm. He also ALWAYS summoned a comet before dropping the big one (which he always did right after, so no way he destroyed them right away).

Maybe you guys can post similar experiences or test it out yourselves. Maybe I was just lucky but I did this like 4 times now and it was always smooth sailing.

TL:DR; Stay mounted, don't press anything besides moving from back to head when he tried to throw you off and let your team deal damage so he enters the next phase. Rince n repeat for every area.

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