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Behemoth strategy discussion thread

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Here's what I've learned in a couple of runs:

  • That Ecliptic Meteor comes out extremely fast! I would say after a minute of comets appearing, start sticking to those comets for cover. Even if he gets knocked prone and you want to hit his face, don't leave those comets behind! This is probably going to be the hardest rule to follow!
  • His body is extremely tough, forget about Dragon Piercer builds – they may be able to hit 120+ per tick in the training room, but they'll be doing like 6-20 damage against Behemoth's body (70-80 on his face).
  • With the only two weak spots being his Head and Tail, all slashing DPS melee needs to focus on the Tail once the 'Tank' has acquired aggro.
  • His front paws seem to be an unlisted weak point – not sure if this can be capitalized on though…
  • Sorry, no solution for the tornadoes yet (outside of a preemptive Rocksteady Mantle / Temporal Mantle).
  • Lances and Gunlances are very well suited for Tanking, since they can hit the Head and block the damage easily.
  • A Shield modded Heavy Bowgun could do it too – I've been having great success Tanking with the Taroth Assault Glutton. Might need Guard Up skill for the lightning though.
  • Tanking is pretty easy if you keep just two things in mind: don't back yourself up into a tornado, and don't lead Behemoth away from the comets!

Unfortunately can't say I've had a fully successful run yet (only some pretty long runs) – anyone else got tips?


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