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Bests armors combination

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Bests armors combination

Here is some of the best armors combination i've seen/made Show me yours !

Sex: Male

Head: Bushi

Chest: Bushi

Arm: Bushi

Belt: Zora (b)

Foot: Odogaron (a)

Sex: Male Head: Bazel (b)

Chest: Damascus (a)

Arm: Commision (a)

Belt: Damascus (b)

Foot: Bazel (a)

Sex: Male

Head: Pukei (b)

Chest: Hunter's (a)

Arm: Pukei (a)

Belt: Hunter's (a)

Foot: Guild cross (a)

Sex: Male

Head: Dragon King / Dragon King

Chest: Bushi / Kulve Taroth (b)

Arm: Bushi / Kulve Taroth (b)

Belt: Zora (a) / Death Stench (b)

Foot: Odogaron (a) / Harvest

Sex: Female

Head: Pukei (b)

Chest: Hunter's (a)

Arm: Pukei (a)

Belt: Hunter's (a)

Foot: Commission (a)

Sex: Female

Head: Baan (a)

Chest: Hight Metal (a)

Arm: Hight Metal (a)

Belt: Death Stench (b)

Foot: Hight Metal (a)

Sex: Female

Head: Teostra (a)

Chest: Odogaron (a)

Arm: Odogaron (a)

Belt: Zora (a)

Foot: Odogaron (a)

Sex: Female

Head: Anja (b)

Chest: Anja (a)

Arm: Rath Heart (a)

Belt: Rath Heart (a)

Foot: Rath Heart (a)

Sex: Female

Head: Legiana (b)

Chest: Kadashi (a)

Arm: Legiana (a)

Belt: Kadashi (a)

Foot: Legiana (a)

Sex: Female

Head: Ingot (a)

Chest: Kulve Taroth (b)

Arm: Kulve Taroth (b)

Belt: Kulve Taroth (b)

Foot: Kulve Taroth (b)


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