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Better end game grind for world

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Slightly controversial take coming up, but here it goes…

What do you guys all think of the end game grind in World as it stands right now? I can't help but feel like it's lack luster in many ways. I think it has to do with a couple things for me personally….

  1. The grinding drop rate for slot jems is an absolute slooooooggg. Even more so than usual. I am no stranger to the desire sensor in MH games, but this is ridiculous.
  2. I know for a fact that I have been spoiled by the ultimate versions of 4U and Generations. Both of them have a good 3 times the amount of monsters to fight, and therefore gear to grind. Not trying to throw any shade at world so much as recognize that with all the polish and quality that goes into MHW and the grandeur of the monsters and fights themselves, I can still only fight Nerg or Lunastra so many times before I want something different. There's only 30 or so monsters in world compared to a ridiculous 90 to 100 in generations, that includes deviant versions and the like. Also, the game is in DESPERATE need for some better large scale elder dragon fights. ZM is about as generic as it gets for a large elder dragon fight. It really makes me miss a fight like the Dalamador.
  3. Last point is just that the difficulty hasn't hooked me like in previous games. The arch tempered monsters have helped with that a bit, but like I said in my previous point they aren't terribly new or inventive, just harder. I am looking forward to Behemoth, but I think the implementation of innately hard monsters (Brach, Fatalis, Rajang, Akantor) would breath new life into the game on two different fronts. Or just throw G rank in there, and only makes some monsters available in that capacity.

Sorry to sound like a jaded fanboy. What do you guys think?

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