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A quick side note, I will not be talking about Disufiroa, Merphistophelin, or Elemental Merphistophelin as they are not canon.

Also please comment if you would like to see anymore of these little sections of lore and ecology for any other monster.


Fatalis is said to be one of the most physically powerful monsters in the series

His eyes are made of crystals

Fatalis is a strong flier with powerful wings

His hide is said to be one of if not the toughest and most durable hide in the series

He posses the hottest and greatest control over fire than any other monster in the series behind his angry Crimson cousin

We know that all creatures to some degree are scared of Fatalis, or at least know what he is.

The Lao Shan-Lung we fight in the 1st and 2nd generation games was running from a Fatalis.

He definitely destroyed Castle Schrade and the surrounding armies of the castle, and made it his roost where we would fight base Fatalis in every game he would later appear in as of now.

It is possible he destroyed the entire Ancient Civilization but this has yet to be confirmed. What we do know is that this would be one of the major events that would lead to the fall of the Ancient Civilization

Hunter’s bodies would melt onto his body. Some have said Fatalis does this intentionally while others say it happens by complete accident due to Fatalis’ immense heat that he omitted.

It is possible that Fatalis can regenerate from a single scale but this has not been fully confirmed as of yet. It is also possible that Fatalis is immortal and that it’s body parts are still alive after death, but again this hasn’t been confirmed.

Rumors also went around that whoever wears Fatalis armor has many paranormal things happen to them. Things like not leaving a shadow, going insane, they might go missing, or might even turn into another Fatalis. None of this has been confirmed.

Everything about The Great Dragon War and the Equal Dragon Weapon is also likely just canon that has been dropped. It is possible these events have happened but with how Capcom has been acting it is likely these aren’t canon. Of course as of now they are still not confirmed, and likely not canon.

Fatalis is also said to have a burning hatred for every living thing, especially humans.

Also known as The Legendary Black Dragon


Essentially the same as Fatalis with a few extra points

A Fatalis that has been driven away by a hunter(s)

During the battle with said hunter(s) Fatalis lost a horn and a new one would later grow back twice as large as before due to his rage.

C. Fatalis was repelled to volcanic areas such as Battleground Volcano or Ingle Isle

Because of the insane rage and the volcanic environment, Fatalis would turn a deep crimson red and enhance their control and destructive force of their flames.

Some instances of C. Fatalis also incorporated the explosive scale effect as seen in monsters such as Teostra and Molten Tigrex

Crimson Fatalis are also known to be The Most Evil Elder Dragon, or the Crimson Demon.


(I have 0 idea where the whole meteor thing came from)


Again, mostly the same as base Fatalis with a few extensions

The oldest monster currently in the series

It is the most powerful incarnation of Fatalis as we have currently seen in the main series

It is a Fatalis that has been said to be the original destroyer of Schrade.

It is a Fatalis that has lived for so long that it’s scales turned white; and parts of its body began to grow long white hairs.

Along with its greater power and age this Fatalis has learned to master the mixture of dragon and lighting element in trade for its initial fire.

People have been spreading information that White Fatalis can create eclipses but this is not true. White Fatalis only arrives at Schrade during an eclipse; this is when our hunter fights it.

It is known as The Ancestral Dragon


The only Black Dragon that does not have any direct relation to Fatalis.

Alatreon can control every elemental; and owns some of the strongest instances of each element as seen throughout the series.

It is a monster that creates various disasters such as things like hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, droughts, etc, wherever it goes.

It can control the elements with its scales, particularly its horns.

Alatreon is one of the most aggressive creatures in the series

Alatreon, similarly to Fatalis, dislikes all life and would much rather be far away from it.

Because of Alatreon’s distaste for living things it would much rather seek out secluded areas that are far isolated from living things. Areas such as Ingle Isle, Secluded Valley, the Sacred Land, and other areas like the bottom of the ocean or deep within a volcano.

It is known as The Blazing Black Dragon


Miralis are theorized to be a similar or exact same species as Fatalis

Dire Miralis have a lava like substance throughout their body that they can use as an offensive and defensive weapon.

Instead of powerful wings Dire Miralis possesses large mortar-like cannons on his back that fire large masses of magma

Dire Miralis have been said to regenerate from their heart but this has not been confirmed.

They are amphibious, and roam both the land and the sea.

Dire Miralis need large bodies of water to cool down their extreme body temperature

Because of the temperature, Miralis will boil the bodies of water they trek through. This will kill off any living creature in the same body of water as Miralis. This is also the origin of the only location in which we fight Miralis; The Tainted Sea.

They have also been reported to sink islands on occasion.

Dire Miralis has a couple of legends were he is stated to be the mighty creator and or destroyer of the entire world. Of course, this is almost definitely just a myth.

Dire Miralis has originally invaded the area of Port Tanzia long ago but was repelled back into the depths of the ocean. This could’ve happened more than once but it is not entirely clear.

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