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Blights and elemental status on monsters – a hypothetical buff to elemental weapons

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Blights and elemental status on monsters - a hypothetical buff to elemental weapons

In the more recent monster hunter games, raw damage generally outdoes elemental damage, especially with skills like non-elemental boost and crit boost. Only on monsters very weak to an element and with a specific build on a very quick weapon does elemental damage start to show a significant increase in power over raw. However, instead of just boosting elemental damage to be on par with raw, I have another idea to help balance the damage types.

This idea is that weapons with element can also build up a status that corresponds to said element. For instance, weapons with water element will build up waterblight onto a monster, and on proc, will slightly increase the time in between attacks that a monster will stand still for, thus creating an opening for attack.

Other ideas include:

  • Fire damage causes fireblight, which causes the monster's attacks to have less knockback.
  • Lightning damage causes thunderblight, which makes the monster take more KO and exhaust damage for an amount of time, like slinger thorns.

I haven't thought of any for ice, but the rough idea is there. Elemental statuses, to improve the versatility of status sets, can also be made stronger by the status armor skill. I believe this can give elemental damage more support based bonuses in their usage, aside from just a damage increase. Any thoughts? This is just a hypothetical change that could be possible for future monster hunter games, not something that I necessarily wish for the games out right now.


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