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Bloodbourne Fashion Mixed Set’s (Practical & Stylish-ish Sets For you to try)

main img base 1024x624 - Bloodbourne Fashion Mixed Set's (Practical & Stylish-ish Sets For you to try)

Anyone here a big fan of bloodbourne? Because if so I have three builds that will make you look the part but also give you some good skills that you can make use of and be effective in whatever hunts your in but fashion is all that matters.

*Side note some of the jewel's and skills used were to try and follow in the footstep of how BB hunters would act and what type of skills they would use also there are a few skills that came with the sets so I can't really do much in terms of getting rid of them however some of them can be changed freely to whatever you like plus, weapon recommendation is up to you as well since the builds are focusing more on the fashion sense rather then weapon sense so this leaves you plenty of room to customise your skills to however you like with whatever weapon you use.


Three sets that are pretty easy to put together and slot with whatever weapons, skills you want and still look good at the same time. For some reason when you turn dantes jacket black it goes dark red which really doesn't make sense since we already have a dark red? (Had to work with the current colours sorry, hopefully they could patch this in the future).

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