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Botanist Cycles while in Guiding Lands?

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Botanist Cycles while in Guiding Lands?

TLDR: Want to know what triggers multiple cycles ("weeks/quests") to pass in town for the Tailriders/Botanist/Argosy and so on, while in guiding lands. Just want to know the rules to it.

TLDR2: It is not a 1:1 ratio with Reporting Investigations to the handler after monster kills. It's been tested, it's not quite that simple.

So, I've noticed at this point that after a long set of hunts from the Guiding Lands, I will sometimes come back to town and 3+ cycles have passed in town, leaving my Botanical Research Center's fertilizer's dangerously low. I was worried they might fall off, so I always top up before Guiding Lands.

I've done my best to search for information out there pertaining to this and can't find even scraps, however that doesn't mean that people don't know how it works.

So, I have a few questions, which I will edit answers into for future use, if we come up with any:

What counts as 1 cycle in the guiding lands?

  • I've read on another thread that 3 minutes in a expedition, doing anything or nothing at all, will pass a cycle on return, and for expeditions this seems to be true. This seems true only of the first cycle in the Guiding Lands. It seems as though you must also trigger certain other conditions for multiple cycles to pass.

So, after the first cycle, which seems to be complete after the first 3 minutes of guiding lands, what triggers it to end and the next to begin?

  • My running theory is that it has something to do with Reporting Investigation back to the handler, however I have no definitive evidence yet.

What are the different conditions for cycles after the first to pass?

  • Time?
    • Currently testing out parameters with time.
    • Test 0: After 3 minutes in the Guiding Lands, returning from expedition advances the town 1 cycle. Done 3 times now.
    • Test 1: Spent 90 minutes crouched in the camp, did not leave camp from the time I got there until I went back to base. Killed no monsters. Reported the "Investigation" to the handler, and then talked to her to return. Only 1 cycle had passed.
      • Very very unlikely system is time based, unless there's a second required trigger, as well as a time component.
    • Test 2: Killed 4 monsters (Tzi-zi-ya-ku, Fulgur Anjenath, another Fulgur Anjenath and finally a Zinogre), Reported Investigation after every one of them, and left a 5-10 minute gap between all kills just in the case that there was a period after a kill in which another kill would not count towards a cycle (a cooldown period). 4 Analyses to lure monsters completed. Only 2 cycles have passed.
      • I'm befuddled. I expected 3, 4 or 5 cycles (I was guessing a soft cap at 3 cycles in a single outing), however not 2. This leads me to believe there are diminishing returns following the first or second cycle, such that a larger quantity of kills may be required for each consecutive cycle. There could still be a cap at a higher number, unknown, however 3 has been reported and seen.
      • Example: 1 kill = 1 cycle, 2 kills = 1 cycle, 3 kills = 2 cycles…6 kills = 3 cycles…10 kills = 4 cycles…
    • Test 3: Short break, then I will kill 2 monsters, and then 3 monsters, Reporting Investigation between every kill, and coming back to town between the sets of 2 and 3 to investigate cycles passed.
  • Event?
    • Such as large monster kills, Analysis Progress completion (thing that gives you monsters to lure out), threshold of research points/items?

I've done some minor testing, and am having trouble what determines multiple cycles to pass while in the guiding lands. All help appreciated, unless this has been thoroughly answered and I just am missing it, in which case please point me in the right direction and chastise me for not seeing it earlier. Ill thank you either way.

edit1: First test, 90 minutes afk in camp. Reported Investigation to handler then used handler to return from expedition. 1 cycle had passed.

edit2: Second test, 4 Large Monster kills, Reported Investigation after each, followed by 30 minutes of gathering, with 5 of the largest 'rare' nodes. 2 cycles have passed.

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