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Bow n00b looking for basic tips and endgame builds

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Bow n00b looking for basic tips and endgame builds

Hey, ya'll!

I've been playing Monster Hunter since MH3U but I've mained nothing but Switch Axe with a bit of Long Sword on the side in MH3U and Charge Blade in MH4U and MHW. My only experience with a bow is from the infamous Kelbi Bow set from MH3U but it always felt a but too clunky for me. I've seen gameplay of the bow and it definitely looks a lot smoother. After getting all these Shaft Streamstones, I'm definitely interested in trying it out.

A few questions I have:

What bows should I be aiming for?

I was wondering if there were any parallels to the Diablos CB for bows. Sort of like an end-all be-all all-purpose bow? I saw Arekkz's top 5 bows vid but, like the CB vids, they sound a bit outdated. If it helps, Behemoth and KT are the only ones I haven't fought and I'm on PC.

Are bows element heavy?

I haven't used element heavy weapons since MH3U. Are blast bows still meme-worthy or have they been nerfed like other blast weapons? How ofter should I expect to be switching between bows? I remember having one LS per element in MH3U. Should I expect something similar or will I be able to avoid that (I kinda prefer not to)?

How do coatings work?

This one confuses me. How do I know which coating to use? When do I change coatings? What happens when I run out?

What consumables should I be farming?


Are ammo a thing or is that just for the Bowguns? I heard stamina's gonna be a thing, so should I be farming Dash Juice? Any others?

What skills should I be after?

Again, drawing parallels to CB, I was wondering if there are any skills I should be after like Artillery, Focus, Cap Boost, etc. for CB?

Any specific decorations I should keep a lookout for?

A friend told me that Mighty Bow was sought after and I was able to pick one up the other day. What does it do? Any others I should grind for?

What combos should I be doing?

As you can tell by now, I'm pretty used to just swinging my sword around until I finally blow my load. Once I'm done with that, I get on monster hunter and spam SAEDs with my CB 😉 What combos should I be doing?


I read that health regen isn't as potent on non-melee weapons. Is that true? Should I be aiming for attack or affinity or is it still just up to preferences?

Any good builds?

CB mains have that wordpress site as reference. Anything similar for bows? As you can tell, meme builds like the Kelbi Bow build are more than welcome.

Any recommended monsters to practice on?

Any other advice?


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