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Alright gunners I decided to try HBG finally, I tried to do it in 4U and could not get a handle on it but I'm bound and determined to figure it out in GU. I made the sweet Zinogre HBG that can siege pierce 1 and para. I'm really struggling with it. It's taking me 20 minutes to kill monsters that I can generally kill in 5-7 as a blademaster. I know there is a learning curve and I'm at the start but I'd like some basic tips that you guys can offer. I'm using Valor style and from what I can gather Slicing ammo builds my gauge the best if I hit the correct weak spots. I'm struggling to aim correctly, get shots off fast and all around do consistent damage. I feel like I'm whittling down the health at a super slow rate and getting hit a lot. How do you handle reloading efficiently, I've been practicing the valor quick reload but only hit it maybe 1 out of 5 times effectively. (I've watched Gaijin and ApexSlayer's videos on HBG)


What controls do you guys use (settings in the menu, there are a lot of different options)

Do any of you have issues with your R button? I'll be aiming by holding R, it will drop input and leave aiming mode, then switch to FPS mode all while I'm holding R. It seems some people on the net have a similar issue. I noticed this while running as well, sometimes it drops the run command, walks then runs again.

I know I have a lot of work and practice with the weapon as it's very different than melee weapons. But some basic tips from the experienced folks on here would be a good start and maybe avoid some bad habits starting early.

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