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Breaking Down Kulve Taroth’s… name…

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I'm hyped! And I thought it would be fun to try to deduce the etymology of the name.

This is just my guess at the naming and I would love to know what you guys think. Am I on point, or way off? So let's start…

Japanese name is Mamu Taroto (マム・タロト). The main similarity between the JP name and English name being the "Taroto/Taroth" part. I think this is unequivocally direct reference to 'Tarot' cards. Tarot cards are famous in the west for being used to superstitiously predict fortunes – which is why I think they chose the name as it fits to the design here well. One, this monster is literally clad in a veritable fortune that it has presumably melded to itself as armor. Two, with the predicted relic weapon system that they allude to in the interview, and the reference to 'fate', they seem to be playing a game where you need to get lucky with your fortune. Much like Tarot cards. Thus you get "Taroto/Taroth". It is also interesting to note that Tarot is believed to have been an Arabic invention (though this isn't know for certain according to my research).

Mamu (マム) and Kulve are harder to deduce, and this bit is a stretch. But Mamu could be Mamluk (Turkish slave-soldier which has a whole interesting history to it where Mamluk actually became Generals and Rulers, so Mamluk can refer to a ruler as well). The English name, Kulve, derives from Kul another Turkish word for 'slave'. So Kulve Taroth maybe a slave to her fortune. Or a ruler of it, not sure.

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