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Breaking Down Long Sword: A Cake Day Exclusive

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Breaking Down Long Sword: A Cake Day Exclusive

We all know Long Sword (or Long Blade, shit I can never tell which one's right) is the penultimate weeb weapon. Being the most used weapon class in the game, its easy to overlook some of the finer details in the moveset and opt for the most efficient route, so here's some stuff I've learned over the years that could be of use:

✓ Cut that tail

Honestly, that's your job, stop swinging at the head and tripping the Hammer user who only wants to KO the monster so you can be even better at your job of cutting that fucking tail.

✓ Fade Slash

The Fade Slash is one of your strongest moves, not because of damage, but repositioning opportunities, as well as high spirit gain. Using Fade Slashes to move from side to side makes it very easy to keep aggroing a specific spot (cut that fucking tail), it's also an excellent way to dodge attacks. Fade Slashes also let you shorten your Spirit Combo, but you know that already, don't you?

✓ Special Sheathe

Special Sheathe is awesome. Iai slash gives you Spirit Regen, it is also a counter move which, although hard to proc, is extremely useful and looks mega cool when you Iai Slash projectiles like fireballs. Iai Spirit Slash is the opener for some of your biggest damage, since if you connect it during counter frames you get to keep your current Spirit level (which should be Red, never use your Spirit Helm Breaker or Iai Spirit Slash unless you're on Red, honestly, you know that already), and then directly transition into Spirit Helm Breaker, which is much faster when done after Iai Spirit Slash. Remember, you have a hefty opportunity to do the Helm Breaker, so take your time with aiming it.

Special Sheathe also cancels any recovery animations, making it indispensable after Roundslashes as well as Helm Breakers.

✓ Thrusts are King

Thrusts are the quickest way to access moves that have to be done off the back of other moves like sideways Fade Slash and Foresight Slash, drill into your brain how long the Thrust is so you always know how much time it'd take you to counter.


✓ Foresight Slash

Foresight Slash is your best move, period. It's a counter that gives you direct access to Spirit Roundslash, and, well, it's a counter. Don't forget to always have Spirit Regen buff from Helm Breaker/Iai Slash, since you need Spirit to activate the counter for Foresight Slash, otherwise it's a glorified backstep that leaves you wide open.

What makes Foresight Slash interesting is uses when at max Spirit. There are other follow-ups to a successful Foresight Slash other than a Roundslash. That's important because if you go for the Roundslash route, you either have to sheathe afterwards or Special Sheathe, which reduces your options in combat and unless you're sure you can pull off an Iai Spirit Slash and then a Spirit Helm Breaker, you're most likely better off keeping your flow going. Successful counters with Foresight Slash can be followed with any input, could be a Slash, could be a Thrust, could be a Fade Slash, effectively, you can weave in Foresight Slashes in your combos not for Spirit gain, but for pumping out damage nonstop.

✓ Little nugget of stylish play

If you want the ultimate weeb fantasy, here's a hot tip: you can cancel Foresight Slash into Spirit Helm Breaker, you get to use the backstep of the Foresight Slash (as well as the counter) and instantly poke into a Helm Breaker, making it incredibly useful for using more Helm Breakers successfully.

✓ That whole element thing

Yeah, I know, using elements with Long Blade is not advised because it's "inefficient" (why Helm Breaker doesn't proc elements is beyond me), but you play the way you want to play my dude, if that Legiana Long Blade looks cool, go farm it, make your own fun.

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