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Brotips for fledgling hunters in GenU against the Teo, Kush, Chammy Elderly Dragon Trio

main img base 1024x624 - Brotips for fledgling hunters in GenU against the Teo, Kush, Chammy Elderly Dragon Trio

Kushala Daoras Dragon Wind can be pretty annoying no armor skill will grant you immunity against it, BUT you can deactivate/prevent it by poisoning him.


Teostras Supernova is always timed with the only exception being World.
Exactly 100sec after he enraged he'll Supernova no matter how far away from any hunter or even alone he might be, which is the reason it might appear to be randomly at first.
I recommend having your phone open next to you setting the timer to 90sec and start it once he enrages.
~10sec should be enough to get to safety and in multiplayer you can Ping/Signal once the timer set off to warn your teammates.


Chameleos has despite his squishy appearance a very tough hide and will bounce off most attacks.
His Head and Hint Legs are usually what you want to aim for and if you're going with fast hitting weapons like SnS, DB, etc. go with Fire > Dragon > Thunder.
He likes to steal stuff with his tongue so try to fill out all your empty Pouch spaces with junk in hope he takes those instead of your valuable Pots (never seem to work for me tho).
When he goes invisible, use Flash Bombs and because his field of view is much wider than most monsters you should have a fairly easy time to flash him.
Did I mention that he also uses Poison? Well, yeah, he's a fu*k fest of Shenanigans and you'll either love or hate him.



The Heads/Horns break of all three cannot be achieved unless they're under a certain HP threshold (forgot the exact numbers) but "Break Damage" can still be cumulated and in the most extreme case the Heads can be broken with a stone (which always deals one Damage iirc) as soon as their HP has been decreased below the threshold.

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Fun fact: their respective G-Rank Armor helps against the shenanigans of one of the other member of the Trio (Kush > Teo > Chammy > Kush).
It's kinda like a Rock-Paper-Scissor or Pokémon weakness chart if you will.


Edit: Autocorrect, I swear, I'll deactivate you one day…probably

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