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[Build] My quick guide for AT Vaal

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Hi guys

This is my quick guide for AT Vaal Hazak. The idea behind this build is to provide survivability without gimping your attack. We want to beat Vaal consistently but not take forever doing it.

The Weapon

My weapon of choice for this fight is the Greatsword. I've used this against every version of Vaal in MHW for good reason. Vaal's slow movement and clearly telegraphed attacks plays right into our hands. This gives us plenty of time to line up our high damage swings with the Greatsword.


The Greatsword that I've chosen to use is the Purgation's Atrocity. There are a few reasons for this. It has high damage paired with looong blue sharpness. This is important when making specific builds since we don't have to waste equipment/decorations for skills like handicraft or protective polish. Also important to note is the dragon element and the high elderseal this weapon carries. While the Greatsword isn't the best weapon type to take advantage of this, the extra damage and reduced gas from Vaal definitely help. In terms of augmentation, you want to go with health regen. Greatsword is probably the best weapon to pair with health regen and this is key in counteracting the tick damage from Vaal.

The Build

Here is how the set looks

Hope this helped. Good luck!

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