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But legit though, why are you guys really complaining about Alatreon?

MonsterHunterWorld6 - But legit though, why are you guys really complaining about Alatreon?

The title seems a bit haughty and I apologize for that, but I feel like the complaints from a lot of people here don't actually have a lot of weight to them?

It seems to come down to a few points that honestly seem to go back to what Monster Hunter is actually all about, and I'm sort of surprised some vets are not happy with Alatreon and calling it 'Behemoth 2.0'.

'Alatreon has an 'MMO-esque' Gimmick, We have to bring elemental Weapons!'

Pardon? Isn't the entire point of Monster Hunter figuring out the best means of taking down a monster with the most comfortable effective option and executing it well? If I take a Paralysis weapon to Kirin, I'm using a completely useless status that's not effective and drags on the hunt a bit longer compared to bringing a fire weapon. Arguably you can say that 'well eventually I'll take down that Kirin with raw damage' and true that's a point to consider, but you are making a choice that only hurts you in the long run.

Alatreon is the first fight in this game where the actual stats of your weapon matter, and that's actually good. It forces you to adapt for once to the encounter with weapons, akin to hunters making AT Vaal easier with Health Boosters.

This definitely isn't the first Monster Hunter with a gimmick like this, and games in the series do broadly reward you for actually handling weaknesses properly. Kusha Daora in old games could reach something called a 'Black Wind' State that could ONLY be mitigated through poison application, think of it like a max powered Kusha in World that wouldn't drop its wind even with a flinch. Imagine forcing players to build poison weapons to deal with one monster.

Again, some of you guys might then say that Alatreon is still very oppressive, but what if we turn this argument around. Think about it like this:

Elemental Weapons are the only way to literally CC Alatreon for damage. Status weapons bring nothing to CC!

I assume the majority of people complaining either really dig those Blast ticks, or liked the decent CC duration of Paralysis for more Unga Bunga (looking at you Para Hammer mains). Great news, Alatreon is highly resistant to any Status, you aren't getting more than one sleep or paralysis in a hunt! You know what does cause Alatreon to stay down for a considerable time?

Elemental Weapons! Does that mean that Alatreon not only is best to fight with Elemental Weapons because he's taking more damage from them, but they serve a purpose in CCing him and stopping his gimmick?

Guys Elemental Weapons are a 3 for 1 deal. This can't get any nicer anywhere else.

And you know what? When you start considering that the gimmick is entirely wiped out when you do the right kind of damage and topple Alatreon enough, it's not even a thing.


I don't really want to dismiss but honestly people except for MAYBE Gunlance (I'm still messing with it gumbles) just haven't bothered prepping a specced out Elemental Weapon, or, throwing it out there, they miss the big damage numbers. I get it, and actually if I think about it, this is the first instance where showing Damage Numbers has finally shown to be a problem. But that's a whole other discussion.

My real theory? Some of the folks who are complaining about elemental weapons, never bothered to get those weapons built, despite all the time we've had with extended Kulve / Safi'jiiva events.

Sorry, got to be blunt here, that's on you guys.

'Why no Farcaster?'

This one I actually have less of an argument for, I know precisely what Capcom is trying to do here but it's a little forced.

The point of removing Farcasters is one major part teaching you to correctly maintain your inventory, and one small part encouraging you to really do the elemental weapons properly.

I say one small part elemental weapon gimmick because one could just Abandon Quest to return back to town to change what you were rolling to do better next time.

The major point of this change is that Capcom is forcing the Hunter to actually learn mid-fight crafting of consumables or ammo. A majority of the hunters in this game play popular Melee weapons, so expecting the additional craftables for more regular potions, mega potions and max potions is something likely not in many load-outs.

The problem with this that I have have is that Capcom should have done this in an earlier fight.

Not going to lie, asking everyone to suddenly learn Old World Monster Hunter Item Maintenance on a Monster as Fierce as Alatreon? I don't have a counter for it, you guys can be angry for this force.

What I would say, is that now's a good time as any to adjust what you bring for healing if you haven't already. Now's a good time to learn, and it's something that helps everywhere else in World.


One other thing to say, this fight as a whole isn't Behemoth. Safi'jiiva was Capcom learning about the annoyance with Behemoth's Aggro mechanics and figuring out a better solution.

Alatreon is more in-line with old world hunting, in the new World. As someone who played the old games, I love this fight for it. I really love how they did Alatreon here. I think there's a couple other reasons I might have missed for the Alatreon hate but these two stuck out from what I've been reading on Reddit.

Feel free to agree or disagree, or tell me off, I don't mind. I'll be busy figuring out the properly Gunlance setup for Fire Alatreon.

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