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Calling all greatsword mains!! Do I have a build for you!?

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Calling all greatsword mains!! Do I have a build for you!?

Do you miss aerial style form MHGU, well dont worry, I've got you covered!!

So from time to time I like to toy around with some of the more niche armor skills to see what I can get out of them. And I need to preface this post, this set it not meta, it is not max dps BUT it is incredibly fun and incredibly comfy. I'm also not sure if this has been done before sooo…

First off you'll need some rimeguard pieces, enough to get frost craft. Since these armor peices are quite lacking in slots, I like to use the safi greatsword and pack it with velkhanna divinity, that way I can use some other peices if need be.

I also make sure to take the rimeguard legs because they have crit draw 2. This is important. Crit draw 2 gives 60% affinity so, if you can get to 40% base affinity, you'll be able to have 100% on draw attacks without needing crit draw 3. Doing this makes the set way more versatile and much less situational than it might initially seem. Getting to 40% is not too hard, you can either max crit eye completely if you have the gems OR use the crit eye 2 gem given to you at the start of ice borne, slap on attack boost 4 and put affinity VI on that safi greatsword of yours.

Then the cherry on top, a single airborne jewel.

30% extra damage to aerial attacks!


This all together creates a casual monster the likes of which I've never seen before. You can hit upwards of 600 raw with an aerial shot to the head which is pretty damn decent. Especially considering how quickly you can throw out GS aerial charges if you're close to a ledge, this thing has some pretty consistent damage to it.


'But what if I'm in a flat area?' You might ask, well dont worry, your good buddy glider mantle+ has got you covered! Clutch the monster, jump off and glide into an aerial attack! And if you need to tool specialist jewels are only 1 star so add a couple of those somewhere to make the time, (and your greatsword) literally fly by!!

The frostcraft and airborne empowering your hits and then crit draw ensuring 100% that thing crits.

Then add an extra 30% damage to crits from critical boost 3. I found shara arms are a pretty easy way to add this on but you can get there in other ways.

And it's not sacrificing too much affinity either since you have 40% base and regular drawing attacks are guaranteed crits.

And holy sh** the amount of mounts this set scores is insane. I've had anywhere from 3-6 mounts in the early zones, so you can just keep toppling the monster and pummeling it with true charge slashes.

So idk, is this set any good? It's incredibly fun to use, basically revives the aerial style from MHGU for me, which was one of my favourite lazy builds to use. And I'm sure you could get some more sustain on there with the ruiner nerg peices, but I'd need to grind a little to get there. What do you guys think?

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