Monster Hunter World

Calling all High Rank Hunters for the holidays!

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Calling all High Rank Hunters for the holidays!

Hi everybody. I'm posting here for the first time because I love this game, and I want to encourage new players to love this game too.

I'll get right to the point. Unskippable cutscenes suck. I'm Hunter Rank 79 at the time of writing, so I haven't had to worry about those for a while, but I know the holidays are here and there's going to be people picking this game up for all platforms. They're going to suck at this game at first, as we all did.

What I ask of you, fine High Rank Hunters, is to throw in a little time to the little guys. At least one time this holiday season, grab yourself a new Low-Rank weapon and play second fiddle for a Low Rank Hunter. Throw some powders, set some traps, use their weapon and show them cool stuff with it! Use a weapon you've never used before, you just might like it and it'll be a new challenge for you!


I was thinking of starting a clan to support this idea, but I don't have the patience to recruit for and moderate a Discord server, and I'm not sure it'd have enough participants anyway. If any active clans are looking for something to do, this'd be cool of you to organize. Get them to ten! Make it fun!

TLDR; Hit the bunny slopes with a new weapon that doesn't hit as hard and help the LR squids find their way, if for no other reason than holiday spirit.

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