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Calling Modders to Help With this Mystery

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Calling Modders to Help With this Mystery

So I found a weird channel on youtube. maybe y'all have seen it? It's got 11k subscribers, and it does (among other stuff) these 'death battle' style videos pitting monsters against each other. I have a lot of personal issues with Death Battle and how it determines which characters win, but that's not the point of this post so I'll shut up about that. Besides, this channel is doing things differently from Death Battle, in that… It seems to be actively modding the game so as to actually pit the ingame versions of these monsters against each other. Honestly, I'm impressed by the resourcefulness, right off the bat. I don't even care if the results are strictly accurate at that point. Weird programming quirks and errors aside, they accomplished something impressive by even making these battles happen in the first place…. Especially with what they did in this one video,

which is pit Safi'Jiiva against Fatalis. (Video link


Maybe it's not that impressive, but the fact that Safi is a raid boss heavily dependent on mechanics inherent to its environment, and Fatalis also seems to be fairly scripted based on its environment? So I feel like putting Fatalis in the secluded valley and having a coherent fight occur is actually a pretty significant achievement, more significant than just throwing two nergigantes into an arena and making them hostile to each other, that is.

Or maybe I don't know shit and it's easy as hell to just throw Fatalis into the Secluded Valley, and the weird quirk…bug…thing… I observed in the middle of this one video is just a testament to how lazy the channel is. I don't know! but here's what's bothering me about the Safi vs Fatalis fight:

So as you guys know, both Fatalis and Safi have arena-clearing 'nova' attacks, that occur at scripted moments and basically one-shot you unless you avoid them by hiding behind rocks and such.

At 11:18 in the video, Fatalis flies underneath the arena and activates its nova attack. UNDER the arena, note. Safi, which is ABOVE the arena, immediately starts losing health, going down from 8822HP (69%) all the way to 1HP. After this, Safi obviously flies up and performs its nova attack.

Fatalis is still underneath the arena. it goes from 29961HP (78%) to… 29961HP. It took zero damage.


So.. what the hell happened there? Fatalis' nova hit Safi, but Safi's didn't hit Fatalis? Why did Fatalis perform its nova attack underneath the arena, anyways? Why didn't it fly back to the top of the arena when Safi performed its nova? Is this some bug that happened specifically because Fatalis couldn't fly to its normal position to do the nova attack? why did the makers of the video leave this moment in?

A comment on the video is joking "fatalis hid behind the rock for the supernova, how intelligent," and haha, very funny, but I'm concerned that they're not being at least skeptical of what happened there? Like, Safi was also 'behind' the 'rock', but it took full damage? Wa-huh?!

And then it gets weirder, because Safi has a second nova attack at 14:43 in the video. Fatalis is just standing still for this one, and is in the full range of the blast, which deals…. 353HP of damage. I calculated. What the fuck.

I am sincerely hoping to find someone who knows something about the inner working of how MHW programmed these two dragons, maybe someone who's modded the game, or a dataminer? Because I am lost for an explanation as to why Safi's nova attacks were nerfed so damn hard.

Side note: this isn't nearly as egregious, but I'm a bit worried that the two dragons seem to have some difficulty uh… facing each other. I swear, monsters ingame don't have that problem when battling each other outside of the scripted turf wars. is it just that Safi was designed to sit still and just shove off the hunters like they're mosquitoes, so the programming struggles to focus on a larger target like Fatalis? Does Fatalis also have nothing in its programming to help it properly target something as large as Safi? are they both just targeting the tiny immortal player that's always moving between them? I don't understand. It's all very confusing. Help.

Edit: I just skimmed over to Fatalis' second nova attack, and it's just as fucky. for this one Fatalis flies up to the second arena area. or maybe the first. all I know is its way high up.

and… somehow…. somehow….. Safi's health goes down to 1. and then it seems to do its healing animation, but its health stays at 1 until Fatalis hits it, at which point it's slain.

…. what the fuck?

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