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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the Kulve Taroth encounter is?

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good the Kulve Taroth encounter is?

Like seriously, not only is this a completely free update to conclude the spring festival, but it is a great new innovation for the Monster Hunter franchise. The devs have given us an extremely impressive and dynamic arena solely for the fight, with new endemic life, secret(ish) areas, and traps. Also, it's made of frikin GOLD, and looks god damn amazing.

The battle itself spans multiple encounters and encourages up to sixteen players to work together, with a reward system that is fair, and contains a whole new pool of high level gear, even if the designs are just reskins. Some people were complaining it relies on rng, but rng is an effective way to fatten out content and make rewards exciting. My only criticism would be is that you get nearly as many reward points for doing just a pursuit level 6 encounter as doing three encounters at level 1,3 and 6 for instance.


Kulve Taroth herself is a really well-designed monster that goes from a slow, hulking tank to a frenzied (albeit naked) thing, not to mention her utilisation of molten gold to attack players. Each phase of the fight offers different mechanics, and makes the whole thing less of a drag to grind out on replays. Speaking of which, the whole encounter has massive replayablibility. I've never spent this much time fighting one monster before, and the fight is still exciting (though again, knowing you will make little progress except when collecting tracks at low pursuit levels can be off-putting).

Finally, the team has managed to get us all into the gathering hub in a way none of us had proposed, and this has been an excellent event for bonding in the community imo. Well done devs for producing such a meaty, well-polished encounter (pun not intended).

Edit: Oh yeah the music is god damn excellent, there's like five new themes utilising the same melodies and motifs. Even get the melody you hear in Astera playing in the theme when you win.

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