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Can’t handle Diablos at all.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Can't handle Diablos at all.

I left this amazing game a few months ago after I tried everything to defeat Diablos and failed to do that. I just couldn't continue anymore. Then I returned to the game, tried to kill Diablos and nothing. Now I missed this game so much again, and I still can't defeat this monster. I watched a lot of videos, I understand it all in theory, but my body, muscle memory and mind refuse to deal with it. I feel like i'm really stupid. Also literally every video guide is from a very experienced player who has best in slot gear while I have nothing since i'm only 35 hours into the game…

I WANT to play this game but this so difficult for me, its the hardest game I ever seen. I handled Nioh, Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but those games are a joke compared to MHW, for me at least. The problem is CLUNKY gameplay. I just don't understand why there're so much animation lock. Literally after every single move or action you're caught in the animation lock. When I see an enemy is running towards me or he's about to hit me and I know what move I have to do, but I can't, because there's always a DELAY (animation lock) after your previous move. It feels like playing an action game with low FPS and poor frame rate. In any other game where you fight a boss, your character is able to react immediately, but in MHW it never does. And I just don't understand why. Seriously, controls are the hardest boss in this game. I can't get used to it even after 35 hours. I feel like i'm the only stupid person who can't get over these controls.


Also this Diablos doesn't even let me practice on him because i'm dying in a few seconds. He one shots me almost every time. I'm trying to predict his attacks but I just can't. And even when I'm doing that perfect 'Circle' + 'R2' reflect/deflect action, but I still take like half damage! Its nonsense, I don't understand why, I never took damage while properly executing this action with any other monster, but Diablos is hitting me when I have to be invincible. And about one shots, again. I'm sure that my equipment SUCKS. I have no idea which set is best for me, I just picked the bone set and upgraded it with all my spheres, but it's not much, and I think it's not nearly enough for this boss encounter. Please check my stats (Screenshots
ln4azaX - Can't handle Diablos at all. and and tell me if its really bad and I have to farm spheres to upgrade my armor before trying to kill this boss again. And I decided to make a video of my faints ( so maybe you could tell me how really stupid I am and what can I do with, maybe you would recommend me to change my weapon to anything else, maybe longsword is really too clunky for me…

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