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Canteen Food System SUCKS

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I know that this has probably been discussed, but can we take a moment to discuss the food system of the canteen and how it sucks balls? I can tolerate the game's shitty RNG system for decos (otherwise the grind wouldnt be there at all if it were all too easy), but the food system is just plain BS.

Little background before I continue, cuz I just found out yesterday about two absolutely lovely food skills for GL, DB and Bow users: Felyne Bombardier and Felyne Black Belt. Felyne Bombardier "increase Ballista, Sticky ammo and gunlance shell damage" while Felyne Black Belt "reduces stamina depletion from evading, blocking or doing certain other actions." The first food skill is great as if you pair it with Artillery + 3, your shelling damage reaches max damage. (Apparently these two are the only buffs that can apparently increase shelling damage). The latter is perfect for bow users as it eliminates the need for a +3 Constitution charm since together with 1+ Constitution and Dash Juice, you'll effectively reach the max stamina reduction cap at 50%. I've tried this out, and it would seem that Felyne Black Belt gives you about 15-20% stamina reduction, so add it to the 10% given by 1+ Constitution and the 25% given by Dash Juice, this makes it a great alternative to the usual combination of the charm + dash juice.


This is all great yeah? But noooo. The system is designed so that you can never activate these skills. Why? Because the rotation of the fresh ingredients (which increases the activation chance per ingredient) is so random that it doesnt include the actual ingredients you need. For Felyne Bombardier, you need at 4 Artillery perk giving ingredients (Basically the ingredients in the last row of the meat, fish and vegetable sections), and for Black Belt you 4 Resilience perk giving ingredients (found in the 3rd row of the aforementioned sections). So far, i have never seen the fresh ingredient rotation include at least 3 ingredients with the same perk, not even in the same food section, so at most you can only get a one star activation chance, which more often that not WILL FAIL TO GIVE YOU THE SKILL YOU WANT.

In short, the food system is so bad that you always have to go with the Chef's Choice meal since it always uses fresh ingredients for each 6 dish and therefore assures you 3 activated food skills, and even then the skills it offers arent always beneficial for your hunt. Either this or the meat platter because there you're at least given Attack Up (L), and maybe the occasional food skill found in the courage perk if you're lucky.

What you guys think? For me, the food system was an interesting idea when I started out, but when I started to understand how to use it I realize that it was practically useless. You'll have to farm food vouchers if you want to activate all 3 skills per meal, but come on; we already have the grind for endgame decos to deal with.

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