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Capcom appreciaton post!

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Since joining this sub, ive seen a ridicilous amount of posts complaining about the post launch support for World. Meaning people complaining about free DLC, that it’s not enough, not hard enough or doesnt get released fast enough.

Can we take some time out to appreciate good-guy Capcom who;

  • 1: Gives us FREE major content DLC where all the competitors demand 15 to 35€ for sometimes ridicilous DLC (looking at you Street fighter 5, and yes i know this is also Capcom lol).
  • 2: Actually makes entirely New monsters for World, contrary other MH games which gave us variations of the same monsters.
  • 3: Brought GU to the west solely as a fan service and the power of the community, even though the company bigwigs initially said no.
  • 4: Still released all the ultimate versions in the west all these years even though the series only had a small cult following outside Japan.
  • 5: For actually making World, the most accesible MH yet which brought tens of thousands new players to the series while still making veterans feel at home.
  • 6: Keeping the servers open for years after the games release so you are not forced to buy every single new installement to play online.

If all developers were like the MH team, this industry would be very different. Thank you Capcom and both Monster Hunter teams, for everything!


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