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Capture quests: MHWorld vs MHGenU

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Do you love the little blinking skull icon on your map? How about the clues hidden in slinger pod drops telling you when to place your trap? Well, make sure to have some salt at hand because MHGenU will not be holding your hand through capture quests.

Want to know when you can capture a monster? Tough luck, it's not up to you. Only if a monster feels like leaving an area will it tell you, and only by whether it limps away or not. So the next time you head out to capture a monster, remember the agony of that first time you accidentally bludgeoned it to death. Or you can use the Perception skill to know exactly when you should place your trap, and enjoy having a suboptimal dps for the rest of the hunt.

Now you want to want to capture your monster. That's easy, just ready your trap and… oh. Looks like you can't put your trap down underneath the monster because it takes you five years to even set it up. Not even Speed Setup skills completely remove that problem. So put your trap up somewhere to the side, and wait for the monster to walk over to… oh. It's left the area. Such a shame. At least you can remove traps.


And that's not all of it. Want to place your trap as the monster is falling to sleep? Don't be silly. What monster with a shred of common sense goes to sleep right next to the thing that's trying to cut it into two? If you want to catch a monster sleeping, you have to wait.

As if all that wasn't enough, enjoy using shock traps on Gypceros and charged Zinogre, and pitfall traps on not enraged Yian Garuga and Nargacuga. Because. They. Won't. Work.

TL;DR: a PSA for new players about the highs and lows of capturing in older generations. In short, it's more difficult.

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