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Casual TED Farming Builds (pls post your own in the comments!)

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Casual TED Farming Builds (pls post your own in the comments!)

Hello friends,

since the hot, hard, sloppy and overall unpleasant fish is about to leave (and we now have many many jewels for our favourite sets ), I thought about doing a quick rundown on viable sets I use to farm TEDs in a relatively short amount of time. Not necessarily for speedrunning, but for some survivability and overall quality of life.

These are somewhat endgame sets, sometimes they are really decoration-intensive. Also, I would like to see your builds, especially for the TEDs I didn't cover. Just comment below with the build and some insight on why your build is good.

The fat font indicates the most important skills. The other ones are somewhat interchangeable by your own discretion. Kill times are with Attack up (L) Food, but without other buffs, as I think it's annoying to chug a demondrug every quest just to cut down a few seconds.

Long Sword: Divine Slasher against Tempered Nergigante (easy sub 5 min)

Drachen Meta, not much to say about it. 100% Crit on weak spots. Just learn Nergs moves and you can easily hit sub 5; sometimes sub 4 without much stress. One could argue that the Taroth Sword "Fire" has more damage due to Peak Performance, but I suck balls at keeping Peak Performance intact, so whatever.

Nergigante Helm a

Drachen Mail/Vambraces/Coil/Greaves a

Handicraft Charm III

Slot Jewels for these overall skills:

Critical Eye 6

Attack Boost 5 (one jewel)

Handicraft 4 (one jewel plus charm)

Critical Boost 3 (one jewel)

Weakness Exploit 3 (three jewels)

Max Might 2

Power Prolonger 1

Non-Elemental Boost 1 (one jewel)

Long Sword: Taroth Sword "Fire" against Tempered Vaal Hazak (easy sub 5 min)

TSF is the best elementless LS in the game, because it doesn't require handicraft to have a good amount of white sharpness. This build is not max damage, but uses a miasma charm to nullify Vaals abnormal status. Vaals moves are really slow and with a bit of training you will soon be able to foresight slash everything it throws at you.

(Still Drachen Meta tho)

Nergigante Helm a

Drachen Mail/Vambraces/Coil/Greaves a

Miasma Charm III

Slot Jewels for these overall skills:

Crit Eye 6

Attack Boost 5 (one jewel)

Crit Boost 3 (one jewel)

Weaknes Exploit 3 (three jewels)

Effluvia resistance 3 (charm)

Max Might 2

Power prolonger 1

Non-Elemental Boost (one jewel)

and you should still have one empty lvl 3 deco slot. Put in whatever you like. I use Handicraft, but more Attack Boost or Fortify (solo) or Flinch Free (Multiplayer) are nice options, too.


Heavy Bowgun: Dark Devourer against Tempered Kushala Daora (easy sub 10, lucky sub 4)

This is a classic clusterbombing build that has been around for a long time and was used by many speedrunners and casuals alike, as it's easy and effective. I don't know who did it first, but it works. If you know the original creator, leave a comment and I will credit them.

The combination of the Slugger skill and Artillery really pin Kushala into the ground where you can cluster away. If you fail to stunlock, just toss some Sticky ammo or sleep. It will come falling right back down. I personally use three "close range up"-mods, but throw in a shield mod if you feel like you need it. Only downside is, it needs three artilley jewels, which are hard to come by (thx Firefish).

Xeno Head b

Empress Mail b

Xeno Claws b

Kulve Malice b

Xeno Spurs a

Awakening Charm II

Slot jewels for these overall skills:

Free Elem/Ammo up 3

Peak Performance 3 (one jewel) (bring health augment!!)

Artillery 3 (Three Jewels, yikes)

Flinch free 3

Health boost 2 (two jewels)

Slugger 2 (two jewels)

Power Prolonger 1

Handicraft 1

Alternatively you can use an artillery charm and slot Free Element into the Armour. You miss out on one Level of peak performance and one level of slugger tho.

Gunlance: Taroth Buster "Water" against anything (multiplayer build) (Weapon interchangable for any wide shelling lvl 4 gunlance)

This is a cheeky wide shelling build. If you just wanna chill in multiplayer or if you are struggling with a quest, but still want to feel like you are doing damage, this might be for you. This build is Ancient-Leshen-tested and holds up really well. It lacks some damage, but makes arch tempered monsters almost afk-able. Also, there are just too many decoration slots, so just customize to your own needs. For example, if you play solo, just switch the friendship jewels for Ironwall. I just don't feel like the guard skill is necessary in MP.

Empress Crown y

Empress Mail b

Vaal Braces b

Vaal Coil y

Vaal Greaves y

Artillery Charm

Slot Jewels for these overall skills:

Peak Performance 3

Wide range 5 (three jewels)

Health boost 3 (three jewels)

Recovery up 3 (three jewels)

Recovery Speed 3

Artillery 3 (Charm)

Speed Eating 2 (two jewels)

Dragon Attack

Capacity Boost 1 (one jewel)

Free meal 1 (one jewel)

Guard Up 1 (one jewel)

Flinch Free 1 (one jewel)

EDITs: Just fixed some punctuation and layout.

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