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Changes I would love to see in Iceborne Top Tier hunts when it launches.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Changes I would love to see in Iceborne Top Tier hunts when it launches.

So I recently watched Gaijin Hunters latest video:

3fW2Wo 6uLE - Changes I would love to see in Iceborne Top Tier hunts when it launches.

After watching it I felt like sharing my thoughts of things I would like to see with Master Rank/G-Rank (whatever they are calling it) quests in Monster Hunter World. I feel that the dynamic for World is extremely different from previous games especially with the story constantly reminding you how often the ecosystem needs to be kept in balance. For Example is the reason why we fight elder dragons. Their powerful presence disrupts this natural balance. So keeping this in mind, I feel that if small changes are made to these hunts, it could not only be challenging but also a little more immersive with understanding the severity of these Master Rank/G-Rank creatures lore wise.

  • Monster Abilities

So this is the most obvious. I want monsters that don’t just hit harder. I would love to see monsters not only use their current abilities in a more unpredictable way but also use moves from deviant versions from previous games. For example a black diablos using the bloodbath Diablos rapid tailspin or even the jumping drill to burrow. Its moves like this that just took hunters by surprised. It also changes the way you engage with the extremely powerful monsters.

  • Bonded or Duel Abilities

With the introduction of Lunastra in world, we were introduced to the beloved bonding move she and Teostra share. I loved this idea and immediately wondered what if we were introduced to more of these. I feel Rathian and Rathalos would make another awesome bonding style move with the combination of fire, poison, aerial and ground combination attacks. Another surprise bond could be Black Diablos and Diablos. I love the turf war they already share but imagine instead of seeing ‘Turf War’ all of a sudden you see ‘Black Diablos is bonding with Diablos’. Yes it might sound insane but imagine Black Diablos finally finding her partner and as their first date they proceed to complete make you run in terror as they charge, burrow and try to completely over power your hunter.

  • Quest and In-game Restrictions

So this one is a bit difficult to cover because World works vastly different in terms of certain mechanics. An example would be how the map is no longer an item but something that slowly fills in the more you explore. The main three for me are the ability to fast travel, the item box and the tent. These are the main three I will focus on. Firstly the ability to fast travel is something I think is convenient but also takes away from randomly being dropped off on higher ranks. Yes you missed the camp but it is okay, you can just fast travel. I think in Master/G-Rank this should be disabled. The reasoning is rather simple. With dangerous monsters around, why would the Mernos just come in and fetch you. I would reason it to them being ‘afraid’. The next two sort of go hand in hand. I would love for the delayed delivery of supplies to be introduced. It makes one focus on what to take on hunts and prioritise certain items. I also think I would love to see a limiter for the use of the tent in camp to one use per hunt. It should also make the hunter decide between choosing new gear loadout or to restock items. A dangerous creature in the area should limit the amount of supplies that can be delivered. Pretty much what your hunter and the handler can bring. So one item restock or gear change per hunt would make sense. The supplies should be made while you hunt the monster as it is ‘safer’ to be delivered.

I know it’s a long read but these are just some of the changes I would like to see. I seriously won’t be disappointed if they don’t appear in the Iceborne expansion. The Dev team has probably thought of some of these already and whether or not in can be implemented. Either way I’m just really excited to see what happens when Iceborne launches later this year and curious to hear what else everyone thinks.

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