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Charge Blade Build Guide with Build Template

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Core skills

These are what are generally accepted as "core" non-elemental Impact skills. In an SAED-centric CB playstyle, these skills will let you build SAED faster and make your SAEDs hit significantly harder by focusing on boosting phial charge time and phial discharge damage.

Artillery3Increases Impact phial discharge damage by 30%.
Non-Element Boost110% damage boost all around.
Capacity Boost1Gain an additional phial which translates to 20% additional phial discharge damage on SAED or 20% additional shield charge time.
Focus3Increase the rate at which your phials fill. Also speeds up your Double Charged Slash and Condensed Element Slash.

Recommended skills

These are skills that will greatly contribute to your SAED-centric CB playstyle.

Attack4Increases damage all around (including phials but 4 Attack Boost will only add about 1-2 damage per phial) and provides 5% Affinity.
Weakness Exploit3Provides a massive 50% Affinity boost when hitting weak points (with small mechanical caveats based on vulnerability score) and helps promote good play.

Other useful skills

Pick from these skills to support your playstyle and further increase damage output.

Handicraft1-5Handicraft 4 will allow you to hit White sharpness on Diablos Tyrannis II but it depletes extremely quickly (10 points) without Protective Polish. Still, Blue sharpness is a 15% damage increase over Green and White a further 12% above Blue. Blocking depletes sharpness as well. Does not affect phial discharge damage.
Protective Polish1Synergizes very well with Handicraft, especially if you can hit White sharpness. Also allows you to be very aggressive with blocking without obliterating your sharpness.
Guard1A charged shield's guard point (GP) will provide a natural +2 Guard. Adding 1 rank of Guard through equipment will allow you to reach the 3 Guard breakpoint for charged shield GPs which in turn allows you to counter every move in the game. This is especially noticeable on Kulve Tharoth where GPing without 1 rank in Guard means practically no SAED counters due to the pushback.
Guard Up1A natural extension to a blocking/GP-oriented playstyle. Very situational though.
Maximum Might1-3Since the Charge Blade does not deplete stamina as part of it's moves, MM is a natural fit and gives exceptional bang-for-the-buck in terms of Affinity gain.
Peak Performance1-3Peak Performance synergizes exceptionally well with the Health Augment. An SAED generally provides me with about a Mega Potion's worth of HP back and you'll be continually topped off with your regular moves, allowing good uptime on this skill.
Agitator1-5Monsters enrage quite often. And when they do, you'll be gaining a nice Attack and Affinity bump. A very good passive skill if you don't want to micromanage stamina or health.

Skill Template & Set Builder

(Based on the amazing MHW Armor Set Search tool.)


How to use: Click the "Search" button below the skill selection dropdowns to pull back all possible armor, decoration, and charm combinations to meet the criteria in your selections. If you want to limit the number of particular decorations it uses (or exclude/include armors specifically), go to the EQ Settings tab and adjust to what you have.

Core skills template

Core + recommended skills template

Rainy's Maximum Might build

White + Protective Polish + Focus 3 build (requires 2x Slot Augments on weapon assuming you're using Diablos Tyrannis II; Includes Guard)

White + Protective Polish + Focus 2 build (removes the 2x Slot Augment requirement but drops you down to Focus 2)

Let me know if you spot any errors. Thanks for reading.

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