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Classes of Monsters You Want to See in World?

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Picked up MHW a few weeks back after being a Nintendo Hunter since Tri. I'm loving the whole new generation/new world theme and all the original new monsters we have gotten to fight!

However, while I think the current roster of monster species is sufficiently diverse, I think we are rather lacking in diversity of classes of monsters. For example, Brute Wyverns are well represented in the New World, and Fanged Wyverns are greatly expanded from just Zinogre. Yet, certain groups are completely missing. There are no large fanged beasts, neopterans, leviathans, etc..

So I'm going to list all the currently known classifications and the species I'd most like to see in World, feel free to add your own picks! I know MHW is your first excursion into MH for many of you, so I hope you enjoy seeing the deep roster of monster the game has to pull from. For vets, I'm interested in seeing what your favorites are!

Amphibians: This was one of my favorite classifications introduced in 4, Tetsucabra and Zamtrios were both fun fights in my opinion. I thought Dodogama was going to be one due to his similar appearance to Tetsu. But if we were to bring back one, it'd have to be Zamtrios, such a cool monster, with awesome weapon designs. We also need more ice monsters.

Bird Wyverns: Let's face it, bird wyverns are throw away monsters that are a mere nuisance to anyone but greenhorn hunters. However, there are a few interesting ones beyond the rainbowdromes and Graggis. I love the design of Pukei-Pukei, and would love to see another MH4 addition migrate to the New World, Malfestio. Fighting a giant jester owl was quite fun and is a different and more literal take on "bird" wyvern.

Brute Wyverns: There are plenty of awesome new brutes in World, like Anjanath and Radobaan, as well as many returning ones like Lord Pickle, but more wouldn't hurt! It's a hard choice, but if I had to pick one, it would be Brachydios with Glavenus a close 2nd.

Carapaceons: I really hope we get a new or returning carapaceon in this game soon. They are a group of giant hermit crab monsters that inhabit other monster's skulls. They are a blast to fight, and are totally different than any other monster type. Plum Daimyo Hermitaur would be able to find plenty of Diablos skulls in the Wastes or Vale, I'm sure.

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Fanged Beasts: Another blatantly omitted group is the fanged beasts. These represent the mammalian-like monsters like bears and apes. I feel like it is almost inevitable that they will eventually add Rajang. This guy has one-hit more hunters than any elder dragon when he goes super saiyan.

Fanged Wyverns: It's great to see the roster of fanged wyverns expanded in World. The choice of which one I'd bring back is easy, since there is only one, and arguably one of the coolest monsters in all of Monster Hunter, Zinogre!


Flying Wyverns: Flying Wyverns are a staple in MH, there are a ton to pick from and there are many I'd love to see come back. However, the one I'd bring has to be…Ukanlos. Despite the fact that he has lost his wings and his power level is more akin to an elder dragon, I am partial to this awesome shovel faced ice dragon. However, if I needed to pick a traditional flying wyvern, I'd go with Gigginox. He is just so weird, yet not a creepily disturbing as his dead turkey cousin Khezu.

Leviathan: Leviathans debuted in Tri with its underwater fight gimmick. A lot of people did not like it apparently, so it never came back after that. Personally, I liked it and the new type of sea dragons that came along with it. While there are not many leviathans to choose from, the flagship monster, Lagiacrus is the standout winner for me. Agnaktor and Gobul would be welcome additions as well.

Neopterans: While we have a few small neopterans flying around, there are no large bug monsters to threaten hunters in World. Seltas Queen is my choice here. Nothing quite like fighting a giant mecha bug tank that continuously summons her male drones to aid her in combat.

Piscine Wyverns: Perhaps nobodies favorite type of monster, Piscine Wyverns are fish-dragons. In my opinion, they are all pretty similar and tend to be a pain to fight. If I had to bring one back, I guess it would be Plesioth, so a new generation can know the struggle of fighting him.


Snake Wyvern: As the name implies, these are long serpentine wyverns. There is only one large one currently known, Najarala. However, I can totally see new species of snake wyverns slithering around the New World.

Temnocerans: Another awesome class of monsters are the Temnocerans, which are spider-like monsters. Nerscylla is the only representative of this species. It would be awesome to expand this class with perhaps a tarantula or scorpion like monster!

Elder Dragons: Last but certainly not least are Elder Dragons. Elders are cool because they could be almost anything from a traditional looking dragon to a walking volcano. From the looks of things, all the classic Elders will be returning, but one has yet to be mentioned, Pukei-Pukei's big brother, Chameleos! Like a chameleon he can camouflage and become invisible as well as using his long tongue to steal your items. Many a hunter has lost their ancient potions to this fiend.

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