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Closing the book on the past (MHFU), looking to the future (GU and World)

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Just finished off the G-Rank White Fatalis in MHFU after four long engagements, one of which even being a failure due to running out of time but whatever, surviving for 50 minutes against that bastard when he was in armored mode is reason enough for celebration. And in doing so, my adventures in the early-gen MH games comes to a close. There's nothing left for me to hunt; from the one-horned Demon King Diablos to Copper Blangonga to the aforementioned early-gen Fatalises, I've seen it all.

And it's been an odd experience, travelling even further back than I did before. It really makes me admire how far the games have come. For you new players who only got in with World, you owe it to yourself to see just how far even these earlier, janky-ass games have grown and evolved. Target cam? Being able to see interaction spots when you're near them? Charms? Streamlined honey farms? Archdemon Mode? Strong Charge slashes for the GS? Monsters tiring? All things that came with the advent of the 3rd Gen games. Never mind all the monster fights that are virtually unrecognizable between the early-gen games and latter-gen ones.


But now I'm excited. I've finished my tenure with caveman MH, and now it's time to start moving forward again. World's out in a month, GU in a bit less than that. Valstrex and Athal-Ka and Nergigante and Xeno'Jiva are all waiting for me. And I'm looking forward to trying out more weapons too.

Now God willing if I could just fu*king clear Clashing Fists and Descent into Hades…

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