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“Clutch Claw” Mechanics!!

MonsterHunterWorld7 - "Clutch Claw" Mechanics!!

…Here I just've done some comparison test between damage caused by the new move “Clutch Claw” of each weapon in this beta, so we can use it wisely, strategically or appropriately, or can decide which weapon should be taken advantages from this new move, or which should still be focused on general attacks. Everything is done in the new training area.


  • The damage numbers shown are caused when that weapon is in its strongest basic state (most critical (that I could do), no buffs (except HH that I count its buffs as its own weapon improvement lol), sharpest (white level), and in the closest range (for sure lol)).

*Sorry, I just've found out that I have equipped lvl 1 Attack Boost, so it's actually a lil bit higher lol*

  • The approximate time numbers shown (eg. ) are measured by my stopwatch starting from when I fire the clutch claw and immediate press triangle until the animation ends, which means that I can dodge or do another combo.


GS – 368

LS – 191 (At red Spirit Gauge, with Aff -10%)

SnS – 201 (with Aff +10%)

DB – 330 (At full Demon Gauge, with Aff -10%)

Hammer – 205

HH – 250 (Attack Up (XL), with Aff -10%)

Lance – 198

GL – 160

SA – 195

CB – (Not charged) 281 (All charged) 315

IG – (CT) 256 (DA) 281


Bow – (CRC) 271 (PC) 280
(1000D with no slinger) (CRC) 324 (PC) 360 (with slinger bombs) (CRC) 450 (PC) 486

HBG (WH) – 367

HBG (WS) – 293

LBGs – 143


Hope this could be helpful. (^^;) …


PS. For me, the ones that should get advantages from the Clutch Claw are GS, HBG (WH), Bow, DB, and CB; or optional ones are IG, Lance and HH. The others are better with the land moves. lol

PS2. Thorns Pods does work so well in this update. They can be so useful to the weapons with the move 'slinger burst' like GS or CB. You can slinger burst them once after an attack to combine them with your weapon (if you try, you'll see that the first burst only take little damage while the second times is better; it's because the first set of pods are loaded up) and then strike it like around 3 hits with those free thorn buffs (I can't remember how much damage it can cause in total, like 17*3 (51)/1 hit); however, it doesn't work with the Clutch Claw combos though.

PS3. Bow's new moves 'Thousand Dragons' (1000D) is also so powerful even without slinger. Anyway, I don't know yet if it can cut monster tails like DP or not.

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