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Common mistakes on Behemoth, and how to avoid them

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So I've cleared Behemoth quite a few times now with randoms, and I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on the fight. In the groups that fail the quest, people consistently seem to make the same mistakes that eventually cause the group to fail. I'll list them out here, and include steps for avoiding them.

1) Using non-upgraded gear

This may seem like common sense, but the amount of people I see that lose 3/4's of their life from 1 Behemoth attack is staggering. If you don't have augmented and fully upgraded armor, with the decos to help create a fully realized build, you're going to have an extremely hard time.

2) Using no defensive skills

I know some people like to think they're mega attack boosting speedrun metalords, but in my opinion, every player should be bringing some sort of defensive skill. Evasion, Health Boost, Guard, Guard Up, Divine Blessing, and other skills can greatly increase your chances of surviving the hunt. No player is perfect, including you. Defensive skills help make up for the mistakes all of us make.

3) Dealing with Charybdis poorly

Every person in the hunt should have 3 Flash Pods and 10 Flashbugs ready to go. If he's channeling a cast, don't hesitate; go ahead and Flash. He should almost never be allowed to fully complete a Charybdis cast. 1 or 2 is fine, but 3 or more will make certain areas (like Nergi's final arena) absolute hell to fight in. If he is going to get a cast off, and the tornado is on you, move to a far edge of the arena and drop it there.

4) Placing and protecting comets

If you don't have comets near you, you lose, plain and simple. If the comet is channeling onto you, try to move to a fairly centrally-located area in the arena. Once the comet is on the ground, you HAVE to try to keep it alive. Keep Behemoth facing away from it, and slightly spaced away from it so he doesn't hit it with any of his big sweeping attacks. If you're letting Behemoth stay right on top of comets and spam attacks, you are basically single-handedly failing the hunt for your group.


5) Fighting in bad areas

Behemoth is big, and has tons of sweeping area-effect attacks. As a result, in NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you be fighting him in hallways that transition between areas. When you just barely enter the area, you SHOULD NOT just immediately just start attacking. Get INTO the arena properly, so that you have room to move and avoid attacks. People trying to fight Behemoth in tiny hallways has resulted in about 50% of non-meteor carts that I've seen.

6) Dying to the meteor

Once Behemoth has dropped 2 or so Comets, you should be on your toes and ready to sheathe and run behind a Comet to avoid the meteor. If you're using a slow-sheathing weapon, consider taking Quick Sheathe.

You'll know he's casting it when the camera zooms out slightly, and there is an additional warning on the side of the screen.

The landing area of the meteor can be slightly ambiguous, but there's an easy way to always be on the right side of the rock. Simply stand on the side of the rock that isn't glowing, and you'll never get hit.

7) Not dealing with his bleeding attack correctly

If you get hit with Behemoth's bleeding attack (where he slams his horns down onto you,) you're going to be in a tough spot, because it automatically marks you for Enmity. Consider bringing Astera Jerky for a quick heal + removing the bleed immediately. If you are in a tenuous spot and can't take the heat, consider Farcaster'ing or running into another arena (changing arenas drops Enmity.) Additionally, you can flash to break Enmity if you don't want it.

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