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I was slightly bummed out about the lack of a new weapon in Rise but, since I'm sure there will be one in the next generation, I thought it'd be fun to imagine what a new class could be like in the meantime… (Sorry if my text formatting is bad)

DESIGN: The weapon would look like what you'd expect from a whip, save from a couple of things: it wouldn't consist of one single thin piece and instead it would be composed by several segments linked together, ending with a somewhat short blade with a small "tang" so that it wouldn't get in the way; these "segments" could be of various shapes as long as they didn't look "blunt", let's put it this way It would have a one-handed handle, with a slot carved in the pummel that could fit the tang of the blade; the hunter would grip it with their right hand while holding the whip about half-way with their left hand, letting the tip hang low When put away, the whip would be looped a couple of times and then hanged on the hunter's right hip

PROPERTIES: Firstly, your movement speed with the whip drawn would be around that of the hunting horn, which can sound too slow for such an apparently light weapon, but it's needed to balance out its impressive range and attack speed As you can imagine, each attack would have its full damage potential stored in the bladed tip and thus suffer significant penalties when hitting with the rest of the whip After certain attacks you could make the whip crack or even pull yourself torward your target; there'd also be a way to wrap the whip around your arm and perform a bunch of different moves from there, but all this will be explained in more detail further on

MOVESET: Please note that I'll be using a Nintendo switch controller configuration for reference As a rule of thumb, the X moves would be performed with the half of whip hanging from your left hand, thus giving up some damage and range for a quicker offensive option; on the other hand, the A attacks would be performed with the full length of the whip held in your right hand, but they would tend to have a bit of a windup Also for reference the attack range of the half-whip would be around that of an insect glaive

X1: a left to right swing X2: a returning right to left swing with a slight uppercut X3: a diagonal left to right downward swing (If you keep holding the button after this attack you'll start spinning the whip vertically alternating a couple of swings on each side of your body; this does not consume stamina but deals little damage with each hit, mainly useful for applying status effects Once you stop holding the button, you'll get a quick roundhouse sweep finisher or, if you press A, a downward smack in front of you powered by the leftover momentum and only holding the whip with the right hand; alternatively, you can also hold ZR to cancel into a quick Daredevil Wrap)

A1: a wide left to right sweep with a bit of a windup that hits in front and on your right side A2: starting on your right the whip is brought up and spun horizontally over your head pretty quickly 2 and a half times ending on your left A3: the whip is quickly raised straight upwards while pivoting on your left foot to face backwards and stepping back A4: while you keep turning clockwise you face left when taking a final step back with your left foot and slam the already raised whip straight down into the ground These last two attacks have a reduced horizontal reach due to their mainly vertical movement

Now some possible combinations and the other miscellaneous attacks (The triple dots mean that you can keep going with any other move from there)

X1 X2 A3 …

X1 A2 …

A1 X2 …

A1 A2 X3 …

A while moving: after a short windup, the whip is thrusted straight forward, giving this pinpoint hit the max horizontal reach of the weapon A2 …

X after a roll: X2 or A after a roll: the straight thrust move without the initial windup …


X while airborne: performs the alternating vertical side spins all the way to the ground or A while airborne: performs multiple horizontal spins over the head all the way to the ground (with a slight stall during the first couple of swings for that nice helicopter effect) …

Unsheathe attack: the whip is quickly unwinded from the hip into a short range upward swipe that can be chained into the first attack of either main combo

Cracking the whip: after any A move you can press X+A to pull the whip with a strong crack that produces a shockwave where the tip was at the end of the previous attack; as you'd expect, these whip cracks deal some physical damage along with a significant amount of exhaust damage, just like the hunting horn's sound waves The A4 slam move is special in this regard, since if you press X+A after it the hunter will complete the spin taking a step forward with his left foot while quickly snapping their right arm up and down, creating a wave that travels straight on through the whip along the ground ending in a massive shockwave when it reaches the tip; this is the move you'd want to go for on a sleeping monster

Jam and pull: if you press the ZR button while trying to perform a whip-crack and the bladed tip connects with a monster's hurtbox, it will get briefly stuck in there instead and you'll pull yourself torwards it (yes even into the air if you perform this after A3) One thing to note is that the super crack after the A4 slam move is the only one that you can't cancel into a pull

Daredevil Wrap: if you press and hold the ZR button from idle or after an attack you'll lean forward sticking your right arm back while making the whip spin quickly around it, ending up catching the blade's tang in the pummel slot so that you'd get a sort of reverse grip knife in the hand and your forearm wrapped up with the rest of the whip; the spin actually deals damage but, due to the angle of the arm, is able to hit only in the area behind and above you If you try to perform this with the weapon sheathed you'll put your arm through the loops of the hanging whip while also grabbing the handle and then you'll take the tip with your left hand and finish tightening up the wrap before inserting the blade into the pummel as before As long as you keep holding down the button you'll slowly lose health (regainable after with just natural recovery) but your movement speed will increase and you'll get almost a whole new moveset to work with; note that you'll exit this stance if you roll or get hit While in this state, you can: • press X to perform two quick horizontal slashes (with a slight pause after the second one before you can keep alternating between them) that are useful when you're waiting for a good opening and want to keep doing a bit of damage in the meantime; • press A to perform a slightly stronger slashing uppercut with a guard-point on the forearm at the end of the move that's not super strong and will knock you out of the wrap if hit, but can definitely help in a pinch (this attack can be chained at the end of the previous X combo); • press X+A to detach the blade from the pommel and unravel the whip with a thrust that results in a large spiraling multihit attack, good if you have a small opening and want to return to the normal stance; • finally, and this is the main seller of the wrap, you can simply let go of the ZR button to stab forcefully in front of you and if that connects with a monster you'll jam the blade in it separating it from the handle, then you'll quickly unravel the whip from your arm and while it's still suspended in the air you'll dash a fair distance in the direction you're holding into (the same of the initial stab if the stick is neutral) dealing multiple hits with the whip "links" scraping through the monster as they trail after you and finishing with ripping the bladed tip back out for massive damage

What do you think about this weapon concept? Too boring? Too overdone? Please let me know your thoughts on it!

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