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Cool idea for a new KO weapon!

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Cool idea for a new KO weapon!


Melee; Defensive, KO-focused, Heavy Shield

"A defensive weapon that attacks with a devastating mace that seamlessly extends into a high-reaching flail."

Damage ■■■■■■■■□□

ATK SPD ■■■■□□□□□□

Defense ■■■■■■■■■□

Mobility ■■■■□□□□□□

Max Rng ■■■■■■■■□□

General Appearance: Mace with Tower/ Rectangular Shield

Stance: Right foot forward, shield in right hand lowered along side / Mace in left hand resting over left shoulder. Running speed comparable to sword mode Charge Blade. Cannot roll while weapon is drawn; back and side step only.


"B" inputs Mace attacks. "Y" inputs Flail attacks. Mace attacks are equivalent to SnS range and horizontal in motion. Flail attacks are slightly longer in max range than Lance and largely vertical in motion.


• Mace attacks deal heavy damage

• Strong Guard

• Flail attacks have long vertical range

• All attacks KO

• Various attack options


• Mace attacks are very low range

• Low mobility overall

• Flail attacks aren't as strong as Mace

• KO isn't as strong as Hammer

• Attacks are largely telegraphed


• B = Horizontal "Left Hook" Bash

• B>B= Backhanded Bash

• B>B>B = Spinning shorthop left hook (Charged attack. Perfect charge causes massive damage and KO)

• B = Mace thrust(high damage and KO)

• RT+B = Dashing Shield Bash (protects user)

• RT+B= Charged Shield Bash (further dash/ increased damage)

• Y = Downwards Flail Swing

• Y>Y = Uppercut Flail Swing


• Y>Y>Y… = Double V shaped Swings (Infinite left-right attack. Repeated timed inputs increase damage up to 3 levels. Missed timed inputs resets damage level.)

• Y = Flail Thrust (diagonal-upward lance-style thrust, highest ranged attack)

• RT+Y = Backhop Diagonal Uppercut

• B>Y = Mace to shortcut "Y>Y>Y" attack

• B>B>Y = Mace combo to backhop Flail attack

• Y>B = Flail to shortcut "B>B>B" attack

• Y>Y>B = Flail combo to rushing Mace attack

• Y+B = AoE Flail tornado

• RT+Y+B = Harden (slam mace against shield 2 times and strengthen skin to be impervious to knockback for 10 seconds. No damage reduction.)

Some comments:

The idea was loosely inspired by the Combat Cross from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I didn't want another overly complex "transforming" weapon, but something more seamless in how it uses both sides of the weapon. Although I simply call it a "Flail" the starting position is that of a Mace, but in terms of what it can do, it makes more sense to call it a Flail. The general idea of the weapon is to be able to weave back and forth with a slow, heavy-hitting weapon in order to keep pressure on the monster while applying exhaust/KO as well as having the ability to hit flying monsters or heads at greater heights. The Shield is meant to make up for its lack of general movement options in neutral position as it's attacks are slow and telegraphed but aggressive, reminiscent of the Gunlance in offensive and defensive situations. I love the hammer as a concept but I would love to see another KO focused weapon with more of a heavy, defensive side to it. Charge Blade doesn't count!

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