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Corrected Deco Drop Rates

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First, I posted the wrong table yesterday, and sorry for that. I realized it was wrong after seeing another file that acts as a multiplier.

this is wrong:

Here's the corrected one

Each decoration have a group (their rarity), then on each group, they have a weight value.
Then on feystones, each feystone have values that determines on which group it will try to get deco from
the game then use those values, multiplied to the weight of the decoration.
I did a lot of test manipulating the values of the feystones and decoration weight


Example 1: When you acquire a Worn Feystone, there is a 6% chance it will get a decoration from Rarity 7 group. On the rarity 7 group, Attack Boost decoration have 1.67% weight. Multiply those 2 values
6% x 1.67% = 0.10% chance to acquire Attack Boost deco from Worn Feystones.

Example 2: When you acquire a Warped Feystone, there is a 77% chance it will get a decoration from Rarity 6 group. On the rarity 6 group, Poisoncoat decoration have 4.76% weight. Multiply those 2 values
77% x 4.76% = 3.67% chance you will get Poisoncoat decoration from Warped Feystones.

The melder is connected to the state of your save file, it already did a "lottery", that's why save scumming is possible. But the % still apply.

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