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Crazy idea about the special update

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Crazy idea about the special update

They are clearly pushing that video for some reason, even Playstation accounts are doing that, they said something big is coming and that it would make everyone happy. Let's be honest, it must be something more than AT Nergigante, a new festival or a new monster.

And it can't be as big as G-rank expansion or 30 brand new monsters or 2 new maps as that is simply unrealistic for the moment.

The video will last around 15 mins so there's something that really needs time to showcase there (and I doubt that even a map would take that long). Sure it can be a video about the festival + AT NergiganteAT Kulve + Oroshi + Devs talking about the future of the game. However it really seems too pushed for something like that.

Then I realized something: a new weapon.


It will definetly fit, it would be something that everyone would be a happy about and truly something special. The video would most likely show the entire moveset.

Also every gen introduced a new weapon, gen5 still hasn't done it yet so….

There's also the possibility that the video will be a mix of everything so At Nergigante, devs, new weapon, Oroshi ecc…

Anyway remember to lower your expectations, even better, don't have expectations. While it's true that we'll get something it's allways better to not cause selfharm due to hype.

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