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So I'm fairly new to MH4U. I bought the game a few months back and have been going non stop ever since. I love it. I have reached Gold Crown and have switched my focus to playing GQ's lately. Since starting the game I have always wanted the Fatalis gear and weapons but knowing I would have to wait until late game to get the good versions of most of it I haven't really fought him very much. I did the Caravan quest and a few HR Event Quests but until the last few weeks I haven't really fought him much. Well I decided I wanted White Fatty's stuff first and proceeded to host Fatty rooms to get a team of 4 to help me. Oh boy did that not turn out well, plenty of folks well over HR200, some as high as 600-900 kept carting. I went a whole week of attempts with out any one being able to help me so I went at it solo, kept timing out, just couldn't' deal enough damage, missing openings etc but I was learning the fight. I finally got a good group together and beat him. Last week I joined a room for the G3 Crimson and people couldnt' even last 5 minutes. It's a bit frustrating being talked down to by people with extremely high HR only to have them not live up to their snide comments and then immediately rage quitting out of a hall when they fu*k up. Usually if I'm trying to beat something I'll give it a few times before deciding to switch to a different monster to change the pace.


Well yesterday I spent a good hour building and setting my skills for a Crimson killing build. I fired up the G3 quest solo and went at it. I only carted once due to being stuck between Fatty and the arena boundry which he ended me with a trample, stun, trample. I came out victorious at the 31 minute, I know it was a long fight, I was not efficient but I just started learning IG a few weeks ago and I am by no means a master of it. I struggle getting the kinsect to land correctly some times. It felt so good to overcome this bastard on my own, honestly the only ever time I felt like this was some of the Soulsborne bosses. Now that I took down Crimson I'm going back to White to see if I can solo him.

What version of Fatalis do you prefer to fight? Which weapon do you like the most? White is the one I like to fight the most, it's more interesting to me and really like the IG you get from Black Fatalis.

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